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  1. Please add fields for first page and last page of a section. Academic journals use this information a lot.
  2. Sorry Dave, my mistake: I repeat the whole process in a new document and realized what happened. During insertion the source style font (Times New Roman) was changed to Arial by APub, and in the inserted text the paragraph style became "test+". I checked the style and the font family was set to "no change", then I set it to Times New Roman and apply the style to the paragraph to clear the Arial override. Only then I did a new insertion and got the new style "test1". So you are right, APub doesn't creates a new style unless there's something different in it. Still, the font family from the source style was not recognized. Thanks!
  3. Yes, source styles are the same: I actually reinserted the same source file into different text frames. For each insertion, a new style appears.
  4. Importing styles from an inserted .rtf document is a nice feature, but it doesn't really help when working with multiple text sources. Suppose a journal whose articles are uniformly formatted, each article in a single .rft file, all using the same body style, let's say, "articlebody". Once the first article is inserted, "articlebody" is added to APub, but from that point on, for each new inserted article a "new" style is added: "articlebody1", "articlebody2", etc. It doesn't happen only when inserting different texts into the same text frame. Or am I missing something? Going further, it would be great to have a feature like ID style mapping, letting you preserve or convert styles while importing text. It's essential specially for working with long publications made from multiple text files.
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