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  1. digger1914

    Nik Plugin Problem

    There is a box to allow unknown plugins to work, just below the listing of them all. Tick that
  2. If you have been clicking on the persona icons, they are not activated yet. Hence the message. Check out the UI video.
  3. Maybe for Marmite. But Vegemite is the nectar of the Gods!
  4. Yet another benefit for living in Australia!! Available and loaded in sunny Sydney town
  5. You can round trip from Ci to AP using file type of PSD. Certainly in version 11, and also 10. Not sure about 9. You may have to refresh previews in C1 to see the PSD file.
  6. digger1914

    Zoom to 100%

    Control 0 also works in AP. Like other apps that is the shortcut for fit to screen.
  7. I ordered mine the day the were released, and it arrived in sunny Sydney on Tuesday. Happy with delivery time, and the book is fabulous!
  8. So, does this mean this is not considered to be a bug? It makes using the histogram impossible when you are doing a raw conversion, and this cannot be considered acceptable. Other applications such as Capture One and PS do not have the same issue.
  9. I thought this was a bug with the histogram??? If I open a raw file (I shoot DNGs) with any other app and compare the histogram with the Affinity one, Affinity is squeezed toward the shadows and or highlights. If I then make an adjustment and develop then re-enter the raw persona the histogram looks as I would expect.
  10. I would love this as well. How about an option to save in folder of origin? If people do not want it, they need not select It. I certainly would!