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  1. I just checked my Preferences & I have save thumbnails checked but no programs , other than AP's Media Browser will show them. I just down loaded XnViewMP, it only displays the AP logo not a thumbnail. I use an iMac... if it matters.
  2. The problem with alternative DAM software is the inability to render thumbnails of .afphoto files! NOBODY but Affinity does this I've tried various programs and, for me, not being able to see a thumbnail of my many files is a deal-breaker, period. In addition to this very basic problem, I don't need a program on the LR model. I just want a simple DAM program since Affinity Photo does everything else. Others here have suggested Alien Skin Exposure X4 & ON1. Alien Skin does not list (on it's website) Afphoto as a file type recognized. I downloaded & installed ON1 freebie and it can't even "see" a Afphoto file. Wait! Wait! OK... Forget I said a thing... I just discovered Affinity's Media Browser...
  3. How about "looking into it" a lot sooner than maybe?
  4. OK, problem solved when I found an old forum entry. Changed Develop Assistant to Apple... Harry
  5. It is taking eight minutes or more to open RAW files. I'm using an iMAC with the latest High Sierra. I'm preparing for an exhibition later this year and this situation is unacceptable. If I can't use Affinity I must find another program. What's going on here? I'm having my iMAC checked out to insure it's not a mechanical problem. Please tell me there's a fix and I don't have to go back to Photoshop... Harry
  6. Right. OK, ya I purchased it NOV 28th... Have a bad head cold so memory is stuffed along with my sinuses... Where's a Tardis when ya need it... HarryBH
  7. On Dec 28th I purchased a copy of the workbook. In the confirming email I was told I would receive an email when the book was shipped. Your website told me the book was in stock. As of today, the 11th of December, I have received no such email. Has the book, in fact, been shipped? If not, when? Or do I need ask for a refund... HarryBH
  8. OK, did as advised. Updated to Affinity Photo 1.6 from APP Store. After starting V1.6 I could not access the preferences. Program just would not respond to clicking Preferences. Closed the program and opened again from Launchpad w/ CTRL pressed and unchecked as advised. Then re-installed NIK as advised. Program seems to be running just fine now... Thanks for your help. I appreciate the backup. So much quicker, accessible and useful than Adobe... Best regards, HarryBH
  9. I have deleted V1.6 from my hard drive. I restored V1.5 from Time Machine and followed the video to install NIK from Google (not DxO). Everything works fine. The NIK programs are available in Affinity. If you can tell me how to download another copy of V1.6 update without paying $49 to Apple I'd appreciate it. I'll try again with a clean copy otherwise I'll stick with Affinity V1.5 Thanks, Harry
  10. OK, things just got completely weird... I found the plugin files for the NIK programs. After getting the installer to install the APPs in the Application folder and the plugins in a Google folder. When I tried to start Affinity it kept crashing and locking up when I opened the preference file. I Force Quit the program and restarted the computer. Started Affinity with the same result. Where can I go to download another copy of Affinity? The App Store wants to charge me another $49 bucks... Don't know what happened, but Affinity just will not work anymore... I'm just about ready to go back to PS... Harry
  11. It doesn't matter where I install - yes, I followed the video - the current download does not install ANY plugins, just apps. Those apps will not accept Affinity files by right clicking on a afphoto file a NIK app is not presented. I am running an iMAC w/3.2 GHz Intel Core 3 version macOS Sierra 10.12.6 Affinity Photo 1.6
  12. OK, downloaded NIK collection from the Google website. Installed download and found Affinity app grayed out again. After installation I could find no NIK plugins on my hard drive. Also, as stated previously, right-clicking on a .afphoto file will not allow me to open the file with the NIK apps. So... dead end there and no way to use NIK with Affinity Photo at this time. Harry The download version of NIK Collection was created July 13, 2015. I think it's the same as downloaded from DxO website.
  13. Well, this is interesting. The latest version of NIK download does not install any plugins, anywhere. After installing I searched for a Google folder and found nothing except apps. This latest version was downloaded from the DxO web page. They are the new "owners" of the software. I'm now downloading a version from the Google NIK Collection web page. We'll see what's what then... Harry
  14. I watched the video. I deleted the NIK apps and re-installed NIK. When I'm asked to select the application for using NIK the Affinity App is grayed out. I will now search my drive for Google folder...
  15. OK, same result... See screen shot. I tried to open a NIK app by right clicking on a afphoto file in my storage directory. Under Open With Affinity Photo was shown and Other. I selected Other and went to the NIK directory where all NIK apps were grayed out. This tells me Affinity no longer is recognized by NIK? Also I tried using Affinity to open a NIK plugin with a JPEG file to no avail. I will now check out the video reference in your post.
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