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  1. Hi Andre, To get more insight on this it would be better to attach a log (please see the picture attached that shows you where to find them) Settings->Privacy->Analytics Data and look for an ips file with the name Photo iPad and date. Save that file and upload it here. As an immediate solution i would suggest lowering the autosave interval in Affinity Photo settings in General tab to something like 60-90 seconds. Hope that helps.
  2. Hi Chris, The app is crashing when importing files over the network, please see the video attached. I guess it would help to to use smaller buffer chunks and have better error control when copying the file over. Cheers! Videoleap-F9F0F6FD-218C-44A3-87D2-2F95DBDAF21C.MOV
  3. Maybe few use this, but it’s a great feature. Sure.
  4. +1 happens to me too, the app is closed after a long period of inactivity, but the picture was saved usually. It depends if the app was closed before or after the autosave interval. It helps to lower the autosave interval, but ideally the app should not close by itself, rather run in background.
  5. Hello, Trying to load any image with Infer from LUT adjustment will crash the application. I’ve attached the crash log. Cheers! Photo iPad-2020-05-04-114905.ips
  6. Hello, If the double tap is enabled in Settings, when double tapping in Develop Persona, will automatically trigger Develop and move to Photo Persona, instead of doing the action is set to do. To reproduce: 1. Settings->pencil->enable double tap (choose any action in double tap) 2. Switch to Develop Persona and double tap the pencil 3. Develop will be triggered and the picture will move to Photo persona.
  7. Thanks 🙏 , that’s true, i am either using a high pass with linear light or overlay, or unsharp mask. Saw this when i tried to move the high pass below the unsharp mask and nested it instead, so decided to open a bug for it since it shows the grid.
  8. Hello, Applying a High Pass live filter to an Unsharp Mask creates a grid that is visible when zoomed in. The grid is also exported to the final image. Maybe is not the correct way of sharpening, but this is the result.
  9. This also happens to Unsharp Mask live filter, perhaps other live filters as well
  10. Hi Chris, Please load the attached jpg and apply the halftone live filter to it. To reproduce the bug please zoom in, release, zoom out, release... repeatedly and after a few tries you should see the bug. I tried to also upload a raw ARW file 85MB, but I get a -200 error. Nevertheless, the bug shows also with this jpg. Also i made 2 recordings to better illustrate the bug. Let me know if i can help. FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  11. Good day, I found that the preview of applying filters in develop persona is not consistent over the image, the filters being applied partially, please see the attached images. The filter is correctly applied on the exported image, the problem exists in the develop persona, when editing the image. I am using Affinity Photo This bug does not exist on MacOS. Love Affinity Photo, keep up the good work!
  12. Great tutorials! Can you please create more for astrophotography and milky way processing? Loved the pin sharp stars tutorial. Thanks.
  13. Hi MEB, I am well aware of personas, and in Photo persona this doesn't work. I tried today also with a tif file and that doesn't work either. I am more than happy to provide a short screen recording to show this.
  14. Correct, Haze Removal doesn't work on the RAW image and this is a bug. It works on certain TIFF's and all JPG's. Tested with ARW raw files.
  15. Hello, I have tried to remove the haze from an ARW raw file with Dehaze, but it has absolutely no effect. The opened a JPG of the same file and then it worked. Can you please address this issue? Thank you. Affinity Photo version: 1.5.2 Platform: Mac
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