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  1. Great tutorials! Can you please create more for astrophotography and milky way processing? Loved the pin sharp stars tutorial. Thanks.
  2. Hi MEB, I am well aware of personas, and in Photo persona this doesn't work. I tried today also with a tif file and that doesn't work either. I am more than happy to provide a short screen recording to show this.
  3. Correct, Haze Removal doesn't work on the RAW image and this is a bug. It works on certain TIFF's and all JPG's. Tested with ARW raw files.
  4. Hello, I have tried to remove the haze from an ARW raw file with Dehaze, but it has absolutely no effect. The opened a JPG of the same file and then it worked. Can you please address this issue? Thank you. Affinity Photo version: 1.5.2 Platform: Mac