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  1. Crikey, that's a lot of questions Info panel Context Toolbar for the Hand Tool Document Menu There's a lot in the Help Files
  2. In the thirty years I was producing artwork for the print trade I always asked two questions when it came to buying software. Which software programs do what I want. Which one on the above list is the cheapest. Which one is the easiest to use. 99 times out of a 100 that was the one I bought. At the moment Affinity Photo is at the top of all my lists. Simples ! Obviously I was not in the accounting department
  3. Suggestions (polite ones ) please. Don't need much memory Need a good screen (does not have to be a big screen) Must work with latest Apple pencil Advice, recommendations or donations please Thank you
  4. Hi @Casookie Are you talking about the Vector Brush Tool ? That places bitmaps along a vector path, which can cause all sorts of problems when converting. If not, post some examples and someone will help you.
  5. It's always good to learn new languages. Mind you, what do I know, I'm English. They just teach us to speak louder if people don't understand us
  6. Hi @Philip Thorpe Documents, images etc can be made up of several objects on layers, like resting on sheets of clear film. This makes it easy to move things around. If you flatten the layers, all the objects are moved onto one layer, but you can no longer move the objects individually
  7. I have produced my own custom interface for the iPad. Purchase inquiries directly to me please. p.s. I am also selling replacement screens
  8. Sorry, I meant iPad, not tablet The iPad interface is only available in black, which I find hard to see. I prefer grey There are several features on the Desktop version that are not on the iPad versions. Not to mention a 27" screen
  9. I use the desktop app, have a tablet/convertible (below) and an iPad. All work really well and have their advantages, The biggest drawback with the iPad is the black interface and quite a few missing features. I use one of these and love it because it works like a tablet or like a PC and runs the full version of Affinity. I also have a fast i7 desktop with a 27" monitor because sometimes, size does matter.
  10. eh, did someone say gloss p.s. I have sent David something that will help
  11. Alfred, I take my hat off to you madam, er? Apologies, @Vitalspark P.S. Anybody got the link for Specsavers
  12. Are you using Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo ???????????????????? It makes a big difference !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. May I recommend this program. It allows you to capture your screen which is very handy to paste a copy of your problems online. That way anybody can help you if you have an issue as a picture is worth a thousand words. It is less than $20 for a lifetime licence and worth every single cent. http://www.faststone.org/FSCaptureDetail.htm I use it ALL the time and consider it the second best piece of software I ever bought
  14. Go on, buy Designer Now we are about to leave Europe and sail off into the Atlantic we could do with the money I'll use my share to buy some Bratwurst so you get something back. I love Bratwurst
  15. Hi @LuisEGV Don't tell them I told you https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/40-bugs-on-ipad/
  16. The iPad mini is not powerful enough. If you bought Affinity Designer or Photo from Apple, contact them directly with your derails and they will refund you. AFAIK Serif don't get any information from (and probably not enough money from ) Apple. P.S. Affinity software is worth selling your existing partner iPad to buy a new, shiny compatible iPad for.
  17. That file has a rather odd arrangement of masks and layers ?? An easy solution would be to right click on it and go Merge Visible. If you want to colour a line art drawing, the best option is to put a solid colour layer on top and change the layer blend mode to Screen, or similar. See the file line art_ex.afphoto
  18. Actually, you can't continue with the Pencil Tool in the current version of Designer, it always starts a new path. You would be much better using the latest Beta version of Designer (1.7). The full release is due out very soon and appears to be very stable. That has a Sculpt option. With that option set, you can continue a Pencil Tool line by starting to draw again from exactly over the last node. You can also reshape a line by drawing over the top of it. That way you could stop for a coffee, then continue with the existing line. Use this link for the beta versions. https://affinityspotlight.com/article/affinity-designer-17-beta-now-available/
  19. Ah, wait a minute. Are you talking a Pixel art original (made from pixels) or a Vector art original (made using lines or shapes). It will be much better if you start off with vector art before outputting to a .gif or similar. I think I got confused when you said "pixel art".
  20. You must have a better method than me ?? I took a 32 x 32 pixel image and resized up by 4 (400 percent) The image on the left was just increased in Designer, the one on the right in Photo using nearest neighbour/ How do you do it ? triangle.afdesign
  21. Honestly, you are totally wasting your time. It is impossible to size a pixel document up by more than a tiny amount because sizing a pixel document up means adding new pixels to fill in the gaps between the existing pixels. For a 32 x 32 pixel document the best you can realistically achieve is about 36 x 36 pixels, far short or the 1080 you want. You need to start from scratch to get any sort of quality !
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