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  1. Thanks for the explanation. The update refers actually to both. Having a break right now so i will let you know how it went.
  2. Hello. Firstly, i wish to state that there is often a difference between a given tutorial video and practice. The tutorials give the impression that it is all so easy and straight forward. It is not. I use a Mac with the latest update. The tutorial gave me the tip of activating my mouse to use it as a zoom incorrectly informing me that i find this under Edit-Preferences. You don't. You find it under Affinity Photo-Preferences. So it is activated but does not zoom when i scroll. Then i watched a video how by clicking on Selection Brush Tool he drew around the edge of a bird, tiny dots appearing as he made his way around. No such dots appear on my image when i click on Selection Brush Tool. So by now i am more than sceptical of the tutorial videos. My next exercise was quite simple. I have a photo of the moon against a black background. I want to change the background to a shade of blue. So how do i do this? Thanks for any advice.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. I did actually find an interesting topic covering this under the Tutorial videos--Colour Pixel Tool. Very good presentation and what it clearly demonstrates is the fact that Affinity covers a great deal but it is certainly not intuitive. You really have to know the nuts and bolts to get the result you want!
  4. Good Morning! I have removed an object partly obscuring a face. Some of the hair color faded out ( a dark tone) I figure i now have to use one of the Paint brush tools. Which one and how do i adjust the color tone to match up as best as possible? Many thanks for any suggestions.
  5. Thanks R C-R. I guess my one (small) irritation with this is the fact that so many tools have the word "Brush Tool" The Inpainting for me really has nothing to do with what the brush does!
  6. Problem solved. I found the Inpainting tool in the Patch symbol
  7. Hello MEB You are quite correct. The only problem is the fact that i no longer have the Healing Brush symbol. All i have is the following: Erase Brush. Background erase brush. Flood erase brush. Paint brush. Color replacement brush. Pixel Tool. For some reason, the Healing Brush symbol is no longer visible and i am not able to activate the Inpainting Brush.
  8. Thanks for the tip. Somehow i find this Tool not as good as the first time i used it before an Update. A pity!
  9. Good Morning! I have opened a photo into the Affinity window and i want to remove an object with the Healing Tool. A small window opens up to inform me i have to select the Source. What does this mean? When i click on the tiny button at bottom left that quite clearly indicates, "Click", nothing happens. So how do i select the Source? This window was not there before i updated Affinity. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hello toltec. Thanks for the illustrated explanation. It seems to imply that JPEG iS rather limited, although i can't grasp what you could actually move around in a photo in a different format. Any suggestions as to what tutorial video i should view on this subject?
  11. Thanks for all the comments. A word to MEB. Your last sentence is basically Chinese to me. What do you mean by flattened/merged?
  12. So after a great deal of hassle finding the Inpainting brush tool, i used it and then clicked one Save. The saved photo however always appears together with Affinity and not as a stand-alone photo. I do not want the photo to appear with Affinity every time i click on it. I want to be able to put it back with the file-i photo where it came from. How do i do this? Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. Hello MEB, I am replying after asking you a similar question a few days ago. I have since seen online that others have had the same-or similar--problem. My main critic would be that if the tutorial video had simply mentioned you have to access the Inpainting brush tool by clicking on the Healing brush tool it would have opened various options. Even if you go to Help it does not mention this!! Also, the Layers options is very vague. The list of options offers no real explanation of which Layer you should choose-if at all. For example, if i want to remove background objects i figure-logically-that i should click on background Layer. But what do all the other options mean? Rather frustrating i must say.
  14. Hi MEB, Many thanks for the quick and to the point reply and the Link to the video tutorial.
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