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  1. Hello, this design is the concept for a client about coffee from Indonesia.

    It's uploaded on my Behance web page. Thank you

    The hardest part is inability to make vector patterns. In theory I could just duplicate each line, but that would make thousands and AD as powerful as it is, can't handle it, so I had to convert everything into a bitmap image which is not what I wanted. Also, I needed to make vector based patterns on a stroke, but that's not possible (yet at least).


  2. I like to use currently existing noise feature for strokes and fills that can be accessed by clicking on it's  button in the color panel. However, when turned on, it gives the results that don't match the exported, finalized artwork. Moreover, it is hard to work with because it 'masks' the actual colors in the artwork overview. I know that APhoto has a live filter 'Add Noise', but that is not the point of this topic.

    Can Noise feature from ADesign be tweaked to give more realistic result and less intrusive during the workflow?


    This is in the preview from the artboard with noise turned all the way to 100%.


    This is exported jpeg image as the result.

  3. Hello all. I'm currently working in Affinity Publisher, and in some pages certain assets are big enough to actually overlap/under-lap previous and next pages. Normally, each page has it's own layers that couldn't be accessed from different pages, and vice-versa.

    However, if I left mouse click and drag select on active page, I can select any asset from page above/below if it happens that such asset if big enough to physically cover my selection. In the attached file, I'm actively being able to select element from the middle page while lower page is active. Asset from the middle page doesn't appear in the layer panel of the lower page despite being part of active selection. This shouldn't be possible. Thank you.


  4. On 1/17/2023 at 9:12 AM, DM1 said:




    Thank you for posting your solution. And this indeed is working. I didn’t even know how to bring up that option, but then I realized it is the big circle button at the bottom left. However, what I was doing before is clicking the 3 dot icon on the top left corner where Clipboard, Operation, Fill mode can be found. The Clipboard segment with paste option is always grayed out.

  5. On 1/14/2023 at 8:58 PM, walt.farrell said:

    It works for me, with Publisher 2 and copied text from Safari.

    What are you trying to copy, and which Affinity app are you using?

    Mr. Farrell, thank you so much for taking interest and I'm so sorry for delayed reply. I'm using new Ipad pro M2 and Affinity Designer V2. Any image I find and manage to "copy" such as screenshot, from internet browser image tab, Reddit, Behance...cannot be pasted from the clipboard.

  6. On desktop versions it only takes double-click with Move (Select) tool, or single click with Node tool to select an object element no matter how deep it is within the clipping mask stack. But it just doesn't work on Ipad version. How do you do it? And please don't tell me to select from the layer panel. Thanks

    edit: I figured it out. The problem is that if the path that creates clipping mask is open, it doesn’t allow me to select objects inside. But, as soon as I close the path, I can select everything inside as usual. This should be fixed.

  7. Right now, the main new feature of Designer V2 is Warp (Mesh, Quad, Perspective, etc...). But it only affects vector layers. In Photo, live filters affect both vector and pixel layers, which is exactly what I want. However, I can't find a way to 'apply' or 'bake' the live filter without converting the entire group into a single pixel layer.  Is there a way this could be done?

    Photo has both Liquify and Mesh Warp live filters which are very powerful, but they are only semi-useful to me because of like I said, inability to convert them to editable vector layer again.

  8. Hello everyone. I was just wondering how much does your copy usually use up of your Ipad storage space? Mine uses 34.6 GB for 20 opened projects, and I think It's quite extensive. Some projects are only tens of Mbs when saved to a folder, some are few hundred Mbs, but anyway 34 Gb is a bit too much for only 20 different files on my 128 Gb Ipad Pro.

    I'm not even sure should I even have all these projects opened at all times, or should I close them after saving to folder? I'm curious how do you manage your workspace.

    I prefer AD over Procreate even for simple drawings, because AD is just so much more versatile application for designing. But Procreate doesn't use nearly as much space as AD.

    Anyway, thanks for reading.

  9. I would also like to see this or similar feature. "FIlter > Distort..." is only for pixel based layers in AP, and it doesn't offer any control over how the object will be distorted.

    The OP was thinking about the tool, not the simple filter, that would give proper predictable ways of free distortion. Puppet Warp definitely comes to mind especially the tool used by the Spine software.

  10. Hello, this is more of a ramble then a real question. Due to some strange reason, my AD app on Ipad used around 11GB of storage, so I decided to reinstall in order to free up space. But since I'm new to Ipad and Apple eco system, I didn't know that it would delete entire folder dedicated to Affinity Designer. So how do you manage project files? I can't keep everything on Icloud. Edit: another question, why AD doesn't have the option to import/open from file?

  11. Hello. I was just experimenting on my illustration file. It contains large number of vector based shapes used as outlines/containers for my pixel based textures. So for example I have 29 and 38 individual pixel layers on leopard spots, which gives 308mb file size. But, when I merge all those pixel layers into one and vector shapes into one, I get 377mb file size. Why this is? Thank you.

    Edit: Fun fact, if I change the document size from 7k x7k to 5k x 5k, the file size doesn't change not even for 1mb.



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