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  1. Thank you! Hope it will be implemented soon )
  2. Well... the subject :) I was searching help and online tutorials, but failed to find the definite answer. If it is not possible, please consider it as a feature reqiuest
  3. You describe the process of manual HDR Ghost removal - it is pretty well described in the proper tutorial ) I am trying to stack exposures, it is different approach
  4. I use extensively the program 3D LUT Creator - it allows create 3D LUTs in extremely powerful manner, I just love it. It allows import an image opened in the Photoshop at the current moment, create LUT and send it back in Photoshop where it is applied as an adjustment layer. The creator of this program is ready to provide support of Affinity Photo, but he needs to know how he can communicate with AP. If it is possible - how the right person in AP team can be contacted to provide necessary information?
  5. HI everyone, I am playing with exposure fusion (following the tutorial ) - in some situations I give preference to this method over HDR because it lets produce more natural looking images (and because AP's HDR processing is very slow) . It came into my head that it is possible to adjust contribution of separate layers by painting of mask with soft brush. It kinda works, but no matter how soft brush I use, the edge looks very harsh. Do I miss something fundamental about it?