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  1. Yup, we need a easy way to switch color. (I am used to X in Photoshop). Also a fast way to set colors to white and black would be very nice. (like D in Photoshop). Would really speed up working with masks.
  2. LarsDaniel

    Fuji Raw Files Processing

    I can open fuji files fine, but I much prefer the raw engine of Lightroom. So I import to LR and make the basic edits, and edit further in AP if needed.
  3. Super. I am crossing my fingers. :-)
  4. And here is the Capture One equivalent: Very powerful and muched missed in Affinity Photo.
  5. Yup, I know the HSL filter, but as you note, there is no way of adjusting the width of the range it works on.
  6. No, unfortunately not what I am looking for. Attached is an example of the Photoshop adjustment layer: Reds are selected, but the crux is the four sliders at the bottom. They set the affected color range AND the width of the transitions. The procedure for e.g. fixing red skin is this: First you drag the hue slider all the way to one side, so all reds turn green. (This will be the whole face). Then you drag the sliders to diminish the range, untill only the problematic skin zones are green. Then you drag the hue back to zero and towards orange untill a pleasing tone is achieved. This works fantasticly well, and I do believe it is the prefered way to tune skin tones in the “industry”. If Affinity Photo could do this as well, it would be a huge deal for many.
  7. LarsDaniel

    Color Wheel Selector

    Yup, we need more precise ways of working with select ranges of color.
  8. LarsDaniel

    crash reports

    I was doing various simple things with a portrait. It almost seemed, that there was a timer set to 30 seconds that would crash it. It did not seem to be one particular action that would make it crash.
  9. Hi! I am in the process of creating a new workflow for my portrait photography, using Affinity on iPad Pro, instead of PS on Macbook Pro. There is one of my PS procedures, for which I just can’t seem to find a substitute in Affinity. In PS I use the Color Adjustment layer, to shift a range of e.g. reds towards orange, and thus fix problematic red skin tones. The thing is, that you can use two sliders to finely tune the exact range of reds that you want to affect. Is there any way I can achieve the same in Affinity? (Using e.g. the whole RED channel is way to coarse.) Thanks
  10. LarsDaniel

    Crashing almost instantly

    I just made a new thread, where I posted a bunch of crash reports. Hope that will help you. Thanks.
  11. LarsDaniel

    crash reports

    I have copied 13 recent crash reports to a public Dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/xlycmnrrhsj6ppl/AACd81nNep4Et8jxVQyGA5PXa?dl=0 BTW: The method for doing the above is actually easier than you described. When you have found and opened the crash report (named: Photo-date-time), you click the share icon in the upper right corner, and use one of the methods there. I used Copy to Dropbox and then you are taken to the dropbox app where you select a public folder. Super easy.
  12. LarsDaniel

    Crashing almost instantly

    I worked a lot yesterday in Affinity iPad, with only a few crashes. Now this morning, Affinity just crashes and crashese and crashes and crashes. I can not work at all. Please help. (iPad pro 12.9, everything newest versions. 100% charge on iPad and pencil. )
  13. Hi! I am a new iPad pro + Affinity Photo user. So much awesomeness compared to Photoshop. Question: When editing headshots in PS, I am used to working with face redness by using the color adjustment layer. Here I select reds in order to shift hue towards orange, but the crucial part here is, that I can fine tune the range of the reds, so I don’t affect more skin than I want. I have not yet figured out, if there is a similar way of tweaking the hue of a customizable color range in Affinity. Is there? (I will happily take any method, as long as I can fine tune the color range, and not do any painting or area selecting. ) Thanks! PS: I sincerely hope that Serif is going to make an alternative for Lightroom.

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