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  1. Hi all, thank you for your prompt reply,, I as soon as I get in front my my pc I will try again and let you know. The tool works fine on my IPad so I can’t be to far of base. once again thank you all.
  2. Hi I am new to Affinity photo, I have a user problem or a bug of some description. I am using version on windows 10.My hardware is a AMD Ryzen 5 with 32 GB ram and a NAVIDA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB graphics card. I have been trying to use the selection free hand tool, I have tried Freehand, Polygon and magnetic lasso, I have set it to new, add but the problem is the same. That is everything works as expected until I try to close the selection. I have selected the end point of the selection to close and I have tried to double click. Each time the selection disappears, I even tried to copy , thinking maybe the selection outline was not displaying, the selection had cancelled. I have watched tutorials on the use of the tool, I think I am doing it right. Am I missing something or is there a problem with the software? Thanks for any help or ideas.
  3. There is a need to be able to manipulate the text in photo as you can in designer, this is quite a basic feature (I don't mean easy to do.) In this area Affinity Photo lags way behind Photoshop, so please add it.
  4. I would Like a lightroom replacement, have been playing with rawtherapee and I have found it to be very good, but it just does not feel right for me, as I do like the work flow of lightroom.
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    Thanks for the response, now you have explained it its obvious, I can't believe I did not get my head around that one.:-)
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    Hi Callum, Thanks for your response. It is the Geometry command under the ... command option, that I have not found anything for you have to have the Affinity Photo Icon selected. I hope that helps to clarify my inquiry.
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    Hi I have been looking for a tutorial on the use of the geometry tool. Can anyone advise on its use?
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    IOS 11 Problems with Affinity Photo

    Just one other point Chris B I have over half my iPad memory available, no apps running in background.
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    IOS 11 Problems with Affinity Photo

    Yes, I was however I was using an Apple Pencil.
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    IOS 11 Problems with Affinity Photo

    Hi Chris B Just re run the process using a Jpg file and the problem did not occur, so maybe it an issue with the Olympus ORF file? Which a sample I have uploaded.
  11. George-Gele

    IOS 11 Problems with Affinity Photo

    Hi Chris B it happens on any picture. I believe I am using the latest version for IPad of Affinity Photo. Version 1.6.4 my iPad is IOS 11 I have attached one image that I was using smart select to cut out the bin. P7310002.ORF
  12. I upgraded my iPad Pro 9.7, to IOS 11 not had any problems until I try to do a smart selection, then copy and paste. As soon as I paste Affinity Photo shuts down. I am using an Apple Pencil. Any idea’s why this happening? Other than that all seems to be okay, so far.
  13. Hi I came across this feature and I know its a website script. But I was wondering if some cleaver person out there knows of or has created a plugin or stand alone app, that enables possibly a gif or other format that is acceptable for upload to social media such as Google or Facebook. or possibly know a site where you can load up photos and create the effect as shown in the link. If you look at this Guadian link you understand the effect. I very much into now and then photography and this function is exactly how I would like to show my work. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/ng-interactive/2014/jun/01/d-day-landings-scenes-in-1944-and-now-interactive.
  14. Had one layer two pixcel layers, when i go to change the perspective using Live New Live Filter perspective filter Affinity stops dead with a dialouge box stating that affinity Photo stopped working. It as you start to maniplulate the grid, if you try it take a vertical image and lay it 90 degrees if it does not fail for you try moving the handles to more extreme positions.
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    Introduce Yourself

    HI I have been using photoshop for several years, now that I am retired, I really don't want to be paying Adobe, the rental of the software. I came across Affinity photo and have to say that the learning curve is quite shallow, I am amazed it is feature rich, as a version 1 release in Windows its off to a good start, that said it does have a few performance issues which I hope the software people will address. I have an 5i with 8GB of ram and running windows 10, I tried the stacking software to stack 100 images full size (photoshop had no problem). Affinity Photo kept failing with low memory error. I adjusted the pagefile manually and maxed it this enabled Affinity to load the files ( the system loaded 5.8 Gb into memory according to task manager Processes tab CPU usage was around 11-15%) but the performance was terrible apart from the 9 hours (left it over night) it took to prosses the files to a point were something potentially could be done Be it ever so slow). But as I said earlier this is version 1 and I have high hopes for this product.