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  1. Hi Try this see if it works for you in creating a signature macro. Create a PNG image on a transparent background of your required signature. Save it where you can find it. Open an Image Go to Maro and press record. 1)ADD Mask (It should be the current layer) 2)Open Filters, Select Apply Image (pick Your Signature) 3) adjust as you wish. 4 )Invert mask 5) Stop Macro Recording. 6) Test Macro 7) Save Macro to Library 😎 Use Macro again Move and Size to preference. Hope this helps 20220902211852.mp4
  2. I recieve some designs, in dxf format, be intrested to know how others prepare thier DXF files for import into Affinity Designer. It would be nice if Affinity Designer was able to read in a DXF file export from Autocad or other applications that produce them. Also if a DWG file could be imported, though I understand that there maybe licensing issues for DWG.
  3. Sky replacement in Affinity is straight forward, and covered above, but just seen the Sky replacement option in the new version 22 of photoshop, which I have to say is impressive, would be a good productivity tool in affinity. Does anyone know if a feature like this or better is planned for Affinity Photo?
  4. I get sent just DXF and DWG files, it would be great if I could just open them with Affinity Designer instead of having to use a DWG or DXF converter.
  5. Hi all, thank you for your prompt reply,, I as soon as I get in front my my pc I will try again and let you know. The tool works fine on my IPad so I can’t be to far of base. once again thank you all.
  6. Hi I am new to Affinity photo, I have a user problem or a bug of some description. I am using version on windows 10.My hardware is a AMD Ryzen 5 with 32 GB ram and a NAVIDA GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB graphics card. I have been trying to use the selection free hand tool, I have tried Freehand, Polygon and magnetic lasso, I have set it to new, add but the problem is the same. That is everything works as expected until I try to close the selection. I have selected the end point of the selection to close and I have tried to double click. Each time the selection disappears, I even tried to copy , thinking maybe the selection outline was not displaying, the selection had cancelled. I have watched tutorials on the use of the tool, I think I am doing it right. Am I missing something or is there a problem with the software? Thanks for any help or ideas.
  7. There is a need to be able to manipulate the text in photo as you can in designer, this is quite a basic feature (I don't mean easy to do.) In this area Affinity Photo lags way behind Photoshop, so please add it.
  8. I would Like a lightroom replacement, have been playing with rawtherapee and I have found it to be very good, but it just does not feel right for me, as I do like the work flow of lightroom.
  9. Thanks for the response, now you have explained it its obvious, I can't believe I did not get my head around that one.:-)
  10. Hi Callum, Thanks for your response. It is the Geometry command under the ... command option, that I have not found anything for you have to have the Affinity Photo Icon selected. I hope that helps to clarify my inquiry.
  11. Hi I have been looking for a tutorial on the use of the geometry tool. Can anyone advise on its use?
  12. Hi I came across this feature and I know its a website script. But I was wondering if some cleaver person out there knows of or has created a plugin or stand alone app, that enables possibly a gif or other format that is acceptable for upload to social media such as Google or Facebook. or possibly know a site where you can load up photos and create the effect as shown in the link. If you look at this Guadian link you understand the effect. I very much into now and then photography and this function is exactly how I would like to show my work. https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/ng-interactive/2014/jun/01/d-day-landings-scenes-in-1944-and-now-interactive.
  13. HI I have been using photoshop for several years, now that I am retired, I really don't want to be paying Adobe, the rental of the software. I came across Affinity photo and have to say that the learning curve is quite shallow, I am amazed it is feature rich, as a version 1 release in Windows its off to a good start, that said it does have a few performance issues which I hope the software people will address. I have an 5i with 8GB of ram and running windows 10, I tried the stacking software to stack 100 images full size (photoshop had no problem). Affinity Photo kept failing with low memory error. I adjusted the pagefile manually and maxed it this enabled Affinity to load the files ( the system loaded 5.8 Gb into memory according to task manager Processes tab CPU usage was around 11-15%) but the performance was terrible apart from the 9 hours (left it over night) it took to prosses the files to a point were something potentially could be done Be it ever so slow). But as I said earlier this is version 1 and I have high hopes for this product.
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