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  1. I usually use RVB and mostly JPG or TIF, it's faster, I don't mind the PPP since nowadays layout application can give effective PPP. Some of my coworkers 'd rather convert to CMYK and 300 PPP first. Depending of the needed adjustements, it can be easier to convert to CMYK... Some will only use RVB in their work flow since they need the illustrations for more than print publications.
  2. I don't know why it looks easy to select when it isn't For selecting the sky, I would usually use the channel where it's more distinct and contrasted (in a CMYK image, using the yellow channel is usually best), select directly on it, or dupplicate and transform this channel to a black and white layer, add a little bit moore contrast if needed, and do the selection.
  3. There's only a crop symbol if you use a vector shape to mask part of some other layer. Usual mask (and adjustement layers are masks) show the half-black - half-white circle: on those ones, you can paint in greyscale to show/hide parts.
  4. That's a fine map, but perhaps a smaller one in a corner with the full paths for the one we only see part of them would help understand the connexions (but it would be a lot of work).
  5. You can post a sample, there's no reason to stop here when we can help you to finish this project.
  6. Did you reopened your PDF in AD or APub? Perhaps you've got complexe items that are converted to pixels later... or it's your PDF settings. You can check exporting different parts of your file or work until each shape is a simple vector and can be added to form a single layer.
  7. Did you at some point use the "flip horizontal" button? That's the only way for a pic frame to do this I can think of. Look at the DPI information of your image at the top: in the right way, it displays "... @ 300dpi (100%)", the other way: "... @ -300x300dpi"
  8. I understand, but it would be tricky to drop a different image and have it modified as the previous one with same scale, rotation, etc. that could be dependent of the size, visual, portrait or landscape, etc. of the previous image. When "replace..." keep those settings, it looks more logical in my opinion. I tested with copying-pasting effect/styles, but it won't keep or paste the original scale and rotation. A "replace mode" that would allow to drop replacement images keeping those setting would be usefull, perhaps.
  9. Did you tried using the "replace image" instead? (After dupplicating your initial frame with the first pic).
  10. Hi, Inpainting is straightforward, but the result depend of the initial selection/area. One a little bit larger or lower will dupplicate the lower part of the image. I just opened, developped and reduced the size of your image (and of screenshots) before using the inpainting tool: It need a little more work to have clean edges on the left and less yellow tint in the middle, but it can be done with 2-3 inpainting strokes.
  11. I would avoid this since it can move all your frames and decorations to unexpected positions and it would be painfull to have to correct a whole document in the finishing stage! (it sounds more like a last minute drama we can have at some point doing this type of work).
  12. Yes, it can be difficult to move, and if you've got a large table pined, it can disappear from view.
  13. Here the example with the Bears Black Heart! https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/289268/Sponsored_Making_the_game_jam_hit_Bears_Black_Heart_with_Affinity_Designer.php And another example with the symbols:
  14. If you learn to use the export persona and define there some setting to export at once in multiple files of different size, you'll only have to save this setting (for example, I have one called "PNG_SVG_PDF" that'll export to the 3 format each design if I select this setting in my Export persona, but it could have been only PNG at different sizes, or or PDF and PNG at different sizes, etc.). As suggested by @thomaso, try playing first with symbols and Export persona, it'll save you time for other projects. https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/pages/ExportPersona/exportPersona.html https://affinity.help/designer/en-US.lproj/index.html?page=pages/SymbolsAssets/symbols.html?title=Symbols From what I understand of you project, you can have multiple artboards with the same symbol you'll export at size 1:1 or one artboard you'll export at multiple size. But since it's emoticons, you'll perhaps need basic/repetitive shapes able to be modified all at once if you decide this stroke isn't large enough, or should be darker: symbols again. If someone can find this video using symbols to design game characters (a bear with a transparent belly where we can see its heart), it would be a good example.
  15. Usually email apps can send the 2 versions, but it's able too to only display text from HTML without formatting. At least Thunderbird can, and Mail too long ago if my memory doesn't fail.
  16. Thanks @thomaso I'm away from work and don't have the proper tools for checking this. And I'm not sure about Affinity TIFF format too, since it doesn't show spot colours as channels, and opening Adobe image files with spot colour as channel can be strange from earlier tests few years ago.
  17. I don't understand your reasoning. A plate for spot colour is the same as one for CMYK. Unless it's for varnish and other special colours that need 100% solid areas, you can have gradients. What happens with a gradient from colour to white?
  18. That's a good idea, and HTML permit people using text only emails for security reasons, to read the signatures.
  19. Really nice work! I would suggest another font, since this one is agressive and angular, more for vampire effects than for dreaming
  20. It's a bug that happen with other fonts and documents. And if, like me, you don't accept lonely words at the end of paragraphs and too much space between words, it's difficult! I noticed that for not having capitalized words and ends of columns/pages hypenation, the resulting text is nearly without hyphenation. And if score is set to a higher value than 2, the rules above aren't respected.
  21. For information, perhaps Mail is able to show a PDF in an email as signature, but I don't think it's common and only people using this app will see it. The other ones (other apps, webmails, smartphones, etc.) will have a PDF as attachement, and I don't think that's what you're expecting, and not a good signature if people need to open it in a PDF reader. It's the same as using uncommon fonts that's only installed on some computer: the other computers wil replace them by default fonts, and the result can be uggly or unexpected.
  22. For checking text, I would export as PDF or print the pages and report/correct in APub each time I need (or later with printed version). In APub on Windows, you can hide the panels but keep at the top the toolbar. (not using Tab key, it's an option on the view menu). This way, you can zoom to have 2 pages displayed at a good zoom level, and using shortcuts or clicking in the text you can do modifications. It would be better if in this mode we could display some specific panel with shortcuts (for example, only the Text styles one).
  23. Or, if you want to reuse elements from other master pages, you can open an old document and copy and paste the items from a master page to the master pages of this new document (if you only need part of them, for example).
  24. I thought it wasn't so complicated until I zoomed and saw that graduation were varying across distance, that's what I thought too! And circular ones… Me too!
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