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  1. Hi, Perhaps you can provide a sample file, since it's difficult to help you in a blind way like this
  2. It looks like a bug. You should report it in the bug section, since I only give a work around. It would be better if it was rasterized when exporting as PDF.
  3. A beautifull map, again @Alfred helped sort the part latin alphabet... thanks too! I can imagine this map in a big display with list of stations and buttons like we have (had? perhaps they removed it) in Paris, where you could search a station in a list of buttons, hit it, and the whole subway line light up and the station blinks (not sure of this last one ). I hated doing (mainly neighborhood) maps until using AD. With it, it's sort of a game and fun, and looking at your work give more impulse to keep on!
  4. Thanks. Effectively, the only way to keep the effect is to go to Photo persona, hide all layers and create a new layer from visible layers (sorry, I freely translate from my French version!). It will rasterize the layer and the effect (but you'll keep the original layer too). Using this live filter in a document, on pictures, or on picture frames, or importing an AP document using the effect, the effect will disappear when exporting to PDF.
  5. Hi @Joachim_L Can you provide some files? An example of how you use the live filters in a APub file, and of your resulting PDF explaining the problem. Perhaps screenshots of your PDF export settings can help too.
  6. For now, you can copy-paste text from inDesign to APub, and the styles will follow. I would recommande first to use some inDesign scripts: one that will create a frame containing an example of each of your Paragraph styles, another that do the same will each of your Character styles, and copying the content of those frames in APub. This way, you'll have all you styles in an APub document. (If you copy-paste text from ID, you won't have all of them). You can open PDF files of your documents in APub, but don't forget to export as PDF your inDesign master pages, or you'll miss them if they aren't all used in the PDF you open. You can find those scripts in this thread:
  7. It seems only possible using APublisher, importing the image as greyscale, clicking the option "K only" in the context bar, and applying a Pantone to this image. I don't understand why the usuall fill layers can't behave the same way... it would be usefull in AD and AP.
  8. Thanks for authors like you. I'm testing ways to avoid Amazon since the authors gain more selling from their site, Patreon or other means. My choice depends of the difference between the selling price on Amazon and the other options (I can accept a difference of few euros or double price, but I can't see the logic of thrice or more the price). There's interesting new ways to sell and buy books to test today.
  9. Hi @Richard S , I just discovered this thread. It was a fine decision to avoid using a PDF and Calibre. If the process is improved today, and need less work than in the past, it's the same as opening a PDF in APub: no informations about styles, text "au kilom├Ętre" (flowing endlessly or by pages, meaning page numbers and chapter headers can be in you main text, etc.). In the end, it's a lot of cleaning and re-formatting: too much work when we had cleaner text from the beginning. I usually work on clean HTML files that I later import in Calibre, but since it's only for my personnal use, there's nothing important involved in this process. I would use Sigil or some other app or process if needed. Some sites will give advices, and Word templates to use with their process. But mainly it's about using styles and a work flow you already understand. Being able to export from APub to RTF, DOCX and HTML would be usefull. About advice for marketing, Kindle, writing and such, here's an autor and her followers or friends, authors ring (if this notion is still accurate or in use) that you can find usefull to read. At least it was for me, I know better the paper version of books work flow, than the digital one where I'm only mainly a customer And bravo for wanting well formatted epub/HTML code. A lot of them are a mess (even from main editors), and it's a pain to correct if you want something clean that'll flow nicely while reading.
  10. It work the same as in ID, you need to set your Paragraph styles, or Base paragraph style first. On ID, you would be able to modify this one by one if you didn't create your styles properly, or with a script that would do it for you.
  11. Oups, sorry, I didn't see you were talking about the iPad version! Forget it...
  12. Hi, Do you mean instead of using the Clone Brush Tool and different sources with its Source Panel?
  13. You can simply use Layer effects > Outline > Inside, and save your images. For example, adding a 12px black border:
  14. And this video seems to have good comments: You can also do some written tutorials like Frankentoon's (in the spotlight site too) or his videos... Another channel with easy to follow tutorials. And looking at random videos can help you learn differents techniques, and find good teachers
  15. If you look at the videos on Youtube, you can slow down the flow, and use the arrows to go backward or forward 5 seconds, and the spacebar to pause the video. You can try subtitles if reading help you, but automated subtitles can be hilarious or confusing since the translation isn't always accurate. The cog will give you options like speed, and the subtitles are with the icon at its left.
  16. It would be nice for the file to open in some order, especially if the feature "open as layers" is added. For example, with Gimp, you can open a serie of files named xxx_1, xxx_2, xxx_3... xxx_n, to export later as animated GIF, and the file xxx_1 is at the bottom, xxxx_2 is in second position, etc. I don't know if it's checking files' name or if it depend of the Finder or Explorer (but the result is the same on Mac and on Windows).
  17. Hi, You can do this importing your PDF in inkScape and choosing "poppler" in the options:
  18. Yes! I don't know why I didn't notice it earlier, it's evident today.
  19. We can modify a global colour from the tint panel, but this way, the swatch color match the tint percentage instead of the 100% new global colour.
  20. Hi, It's really usefull to use tints with global colours, but we miss the ability to add those tints to the swatches' palette. For now we need to use again the tint panel and choose a percentage, or copy-paste the style to have the same tint. If we add tints for a global colour from the menu, those tints aren't global, and aren't linked to the original colour: if we modify the global colour, the tints won't change accordingly.
  21. Hi, When opening a document with a document's palette, we shouldn't have to search for it, it should be selected on the swatches panel. (Or the first ducoment's palette in the list if there's more than one.)
  22. I'd rather use global colours and tints or use the same colour at a lower opacity before using the colour picker to create a new global colour (I had strange results with HSL). With global colours, you'll be able later to modify those colours, and it'll modify the whole design. Since tints are those global colours at a lower opacity, they'll be modified too if you used them. Sadly, we can't add those tints in a colour palette for now, and we need to apply tints to each curve, selecting the percentage or pasting the style. But I would recommand modifying a global colour from the swatches palette's panel, since there's a bug when doing it on the tint panel (the swatch isn't at 100% of the new colour but at the tint value).
  23. Sorry, I don't want to give you more work, but it looks like having only 4 pieces of a puzzle... I spend time playing console games and doing maps of places and dungeons... mapping every corner, even irrevelent ones. It's coming back to fill the gaps in your map
  24. +1 I would only comment on your footnote position (2 in your example). An advanced rule is to always append footnote call ("l'appel de note", the "2") to characters, never to punctuation. And I would personnaly add a small fixed width space before. I aggre with all the examples of this thread (number at the begining of paragraphs, quotes -- but I would use the curly ones in French at the beginning in drop caps for graphical/aesthetical effect, the other ones are uggly or dismissed usually, but that's a readability problem and that' s why we tend to keep them today--, etc.
  25. Woudn't it be in Filters > Detection > Detect edge | Detect vertical edges | Detect horizontal edges (or similar, since I'm using French version).
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