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  1. Now, if you want to export it as PDF, you'll have to rasterize manually the effect with "new layer from visible" in the Photo personna (this way, you keep the original layer), since no live filter is rasterized when exporting to PDF (and the result is plain text without effect).
  2. I had/have the same problem. And using different Master pages on pages or on other Master pages doesn't help: we need to clean the page, reassign Master page, and since APub doesn't display the text in the text frame from one of those master pages, sometimes redraw a new text frame at the top of the page, or search to unlock the text frame (but the text doesn't appear each time)...
  3. You can dupplicate the image in your picture frame (or copy and paste it above), put it above the picture frame the timr you need to draw or add comments, etc. and delete it when it's finished.
  4. You can use another application to create a vector halftone to use a mask, or use this site to convert your gradient: https://xoihazard.com/tools/halftone/
  5. and it was insistent to redirect me from the "en" one to the "fr" do a 404 error
  6. Hi, There isn't any book yet for Publisher, but you can buy the workbooks for APhoto and ADesigner here: https://affinity.serif.com/fr/store/ (sorry, I couldn't modify the language, but you should be directed to the correct one).
  7. Impressive work! I was just wondering why the hand is grey in the "Lost biker!" montage?
  8. And this thread provide a link to a very interesting site if you need inspiration: https://www.cartographersguild.com
  9. Hi, You can find some resources here (not especially for Designer): https://blog.spoongraphics.co.uk/freebies/download-free-treasure-map-maker-adobe-illustrator and @Peregrin help us with a fine tutorial too:
  10. Sometimes it's easier to provide a sample file to help understand, when screenshots don't help. We're not pro or anti, we just want to help, and it's not always easy
  11. Seems all is fine until we add a mask to a group of adjustments, and instead of masking the adjustments only, the mask do strange results. (I don't understand why I end up with this eraser brush stroke, the mask is erasing all that is below, not only the group content, and the (transparent) background of the file is displayed). masks_test.afphoto
  12. Il n'y a aucun Contenus par défaut dans APhoto, contrairement à ADesigner. Tu peux en trouver dans la partie "Resources" du forum avec une recherche (certains sont directement téléchargeables, d'autres à acheter): https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/search/&q=assets&type=forums_topic&nodes=11&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy Sinon, il est très facile d'en créer, comme en ouvrant des icônes SVG et en les y ajoutant à partir du menu.
  13. Usually when creating and working on magazines, we work with 2 pages view, and we talk a bout a "double page" (at least in French) since it's important to view the left and right pages together. They can be different articles, or add and article, etc. but it's important to design and look at them together to have a nice design. Two nice single pages can be a nightmare together that won't fit or look nice. And sometimes, the design of the right page can be the same but in a different colour and mirroring the design of the left page, etc. since it's the same magazine but another part (rubric).
  14. Hi, You can also use 2 rectangles in which you insert your images. The 2 rectangles can be aligned to the sides of your picture frame and used for triming part of the pictures. test_2img.afpub
  15. Hi, you can combine, add/substract on a same mask, but you can also have several masks on a same layer. It can be interesting too.
  16. Affichage > Studio > Contenus La traduction est inattendue, "Bibliothèques" aurait été plus logique
  17. There's no bug, but I suppose you do a lot the shortcut ctrl+enter with a text object selected, and it ends up being converted to curves.
  18. Hi, When exporting, did you set a colour for transparent background? Check this option, it should be like this:
  19. Using a mask on a form filled with your colour would ensure you've got the same colour everywhere. Or you can work your design in 100% black, and use in the end some recolour adjustment oe another layer adjustement to have the right colour ?
  20. Hi @PaulPry66 You can draw curved lines, or adding the curves to large rectangles filled wwirh yellow, and using mode multiply or transparency first. Next, you need to use somme layers effects like orange outer or inner glow/shadow. And there's one of the curves, at least, with some yellow glow too. The resulting effect depend of the order or the curves. (the yellow glow somewhere at the top). And for the grey stroke, you can try with 2 curves in a group, and adding a grey stroke to this group, perhaps with some 3D or bevel/emboss effect.
  21. Yes, I was worried your final project wouldn't be monochrome using different effects.
  22. Hi, In this test project, I created a book with text frames and decorations. Explanations (you can skip this part): Most of the page will use the same text frames: I created a master pages with 2 of them, linked for flowing text. Since applying the Text frames master pages to other master pages (for examples: general purpose MP with decorations, special ones for begining of chapter), I tested applying the Text frames MP and the Decoration MP to the pages, before flowing the text. (I encountered other problem using the Text frames MP on other MP). => My first double pages have Text frames MP + Decoration MP applied. I paste the text, and flow the text: 300 pages are generated automatically with those MP. (First comment: there's nothing but simple vectors and text, and the file is 17M!!!) Important part: The Decoration master pages aren't applied individually to each page, but to the double pages. If I want to apply another MP to a single page and not keep the previous MP below, I need to delete the double page MP, and apply again individually to each page a Master page. Perhaps it looks strange, but we should be able to replace a left/right master page in a document without needing to re-apply the master pages. It happen a lot with magazines, with article of different lenghts each month when we need to apply a single master page easily. Usually, we can create master pages on double pages, since perhaps we'll need to use this design on a left page or on a right page, and it's easier to create the 2 versions on a double MP. But they should behave as simple page. You can test this with this file: Test_gabarit4.afpub
  23. Hi, The half-tone filter come from APhoto. Why don't you rasterize and transform this effect to a mask in AP and use it? (That's not "cleaner"!)
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