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  1. Hi Walt, thanks for the explanation. A quicker download of the beta would anyway be appreciated.
  2. Hi Mark, sorry to trouble you with this issue again, but today I dowloaded the latest versions of the Affinity Photo for Windows as well as the Beta version. The Affinity Photo download took about 4 minutes, while the Beta download lasted more than an hour. Surely there is someting wrong with the beta download.
  3. Hi again Mark and thanks for y rapid answer. i don't know what's going on on the US east coast these days, but I just took down a free version of ACDSee to test. The file was 164 MB and the download took about 18 seconds. I don't think there is anything wrong with my connection, so you should maybe check with your server provider. Best regards, Dennis
  4. Hi Mark, for the last updates I have noticed that the download of a new version is extremely slow. It is only a little more than 500 MB and it takes more than one hour. I have a reasonably fast connection and a new PC. It seems like something has happened lately. Could you give me a clue. Best regards, Dennis
  5. Hi John and thanks for your swift answer. I used a tripod and I tried also to develop the original raw files into jpegs, but got the same result. Two out of four images were all the time omitted, but probably not because of poor auto aligment as I used a tripod. I will try tomorrow with a higher number of images, with less focus difference between each image.
  6. Hi, today I tried to create a focus merged pic. Starting from four pics in raw format, shot with a Sony a77ii and a Tamron 16-300 equipped with a macro ring. I manually adjusted focus for each pic, hoping to get a result with a nice depth of field. When using the Focus merge facility on the four raw files, the program showed only two of the original pics as well as the result pic, and omitted the other two. The result was bad, as parts of focussed areas were left out. I then tried to first create four jpeg's to start from, but this did not help at all. Finally I tried to use the standard Merge utility and then all four pics were merged, but of course with a different kind of result. I am using Affinity beta on a pc. As there are no setting possibilities in the Focus merge dialog box, I fail to understand why this happened.
  7. Much better, but it still takes a while for development of my raw files. I will test the beta a little more thoroughly and come back with additional feedback. Thanks anyway for the quick response and solution so far.
  8. Hi all, totally agree with elbingo. Loading raw files is a little slower, but developing is a disaster, more than a minute. Could it be something with the Sony raw files? My spec Sony raw files Windows 10 RAM 8 GB x64 I am currently mostly using Capture One Express for Sony raw file developing. It works well and is fast, but it is a bit tedious to work in two different programs, but this latest release of A P almost forces me to stay in Capture One for raw file handling.
  9. Hi, something is playing games with me when printing directly from Affinity photo. The printing always starts with a form feed wich feeds out the photo paper inserted into the single sheet back paper feeder of the printer. Then the printing is carried out on nomal paper. I recently scrapped my HP printer for a small Epson xp-8505, but the problem remains. I cannot seem to find any setting in Affinity photo to control this. Is the only option to export the document and then print outside Affinity? Best regards, Dennis
  10. Maybe I was confusing the issue. We'll skip Play memories for the time beeing. When I want to edit ARW2 files in Affinity, there is a problem, because when I choose File Open I see only Icons and file names. No display of the actual picture. It is then difficult to choose which pic to upload.
  11. Hi, I'm using fast SD cards for my Sony a99II. The camera creates files in an ARW2 format. When uploading files to my computer I can view files using Sony's Play Memories (which I use for organizing), but in Affinity when trying to open an ARW2 file I only se an Icon and a file name. The ARW2 files open ok in Affinity when clicking on them, but I have to keep a manual note pad to know what to open. I would guess this is dependent on which file formats Affinity can read. Is there hope of an update of this function?
  12. Yeah, this is really what I meant, but as a rather unexperienced user I didn't dare to put it as bluntly. But in principle I agree, this shouldn't happen!
  13. In addition to the in principle closed discussion I would anyway like to make two comments - how are you as a user supposed to know that the depth of field filter adds an eternity of time when exporting. I was actually really scared I had gotten some virus into the pic files and virus scanned my disc several times. - is this not an issue that the programmers should look into? Five minutes to export a pic file is something nobody could be very proud of? /Dennis
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