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  1. Hi, something is playing games with me when printing directly from Affinity photo. The printing always starts with a form feed wich feeds out the photo paper inserted into the single sheet back paper feeder of the printer. Then the printing is carried out on nomal paper. I recently scrapped my HP printer for a small Epson xp-8505, but the problem remains. I cannot seem to find any setting in Affinity photo to control this. Is the only option to export the document and then print outside Affinity? Best regards, Dennis
  2. Maybe I was confusing the issue. We'll skip Play memories for the time beeing. When I want to edit ARW2 files in Affinity, there is a problem, because when I choose File Open I see only Icons and file names. No display of the actual picture. It is then difficult to choose which pic to upload.
  3. Hi, I'm using fast SD cards for my Sony a99II. The camera creates files in an ARW2 format. When uploading files to my computer I can view files using Sony's Play Memories (which I use for organizing), but in Affinity when trying to open an ARW2 file I only se an Icon and a file name. The ARW2 files open ok in Affinity when clicking on them, but I have to keep a manual note pad to know what to open. I would guess this is dependent on which file formats Affinity can read. Is there hope of an update of this function?
  4. Yeah, this is really what I meant, but as a rather unexperienced user I didn't dare to put it as bluntly. But in principle I agree, this shouldn't happen!
  5. In addition to the in principle closed discussion I would anyway like to make two comments - how are you as a user supposed to know that the depth of field filter adds an eternity of time when exporting. I was actually really scared I had gotten some virus into the pic files and virus scanned my disc several times. - is this not an issue that the programmers should look into? Five minutes to export a pic file is something nobody could be very proud of? /Dennis
  6. Very good! Thanks a lot to both of you for your help. /Dennis
  7. Several minutes. It took so long that the first times I thought it had stopped and I therefore aborted the procedure by hitting cancel. As I test other files everything seems to work reasonably smoothly. Something probably happened to this file. It might be some kind of general file failure, or, which is more interesting in this case, some of the functions in Affinity, when used together, can maybe cause conflicts. As it looks now, the only feature not working prperly is the Export option. Dennis
  8. Hi Callum, I mixed them up, sorry! This is the original one. As the file limit seems to have been changed, I'm attaching it here. Dennis _DSC2217.afphoto
  9. Hi Callum, Maybe there is a problem with the .af file itself. The resulting jpeg did not want to take part in any upload to this site and the original .af file is too large to be accepted. I created a smaller version of the jpeg and that worked ok (enclosed). Is there any way in which I could send you the original 23,1 mb file to look at? I also tried to create jpegs from other .af files and that seems to work ok, so possibly it boils down to one corrupt file. The original .af file looks, however, quite ok when I upload it to Affinity and continue working with it and also saving it in .af format. Best regards, Dennis
  10. Hi, the computer is a HP Pavilion Power Laptop 15, Intel i7, 2,8 GHz, 8 GHz RAM, 64 bits with windows 10 home, version 1803. When I created a new file and placed a jpeg and then exported it there was no problem. I tried several different methods and they all worked. The only thing that does not seem to work (or to take extremely long time) is opening an existing jpeg, edit it and then save by exporting. Strange.
  11. Hi, tried yesterday to export an .af file to a jpeg format by using the Export option on the menu. It failed a hundred times. Nothing happened other than the cooling fan in the pc started at full speed. When I cancelled there was a message ...an error occurred.. Today I tried the same procedure, but also opened the pc Activity monitor to see what was going on. The cpu usage was on 98-100% for about four minutes, fan on full blast and then finally a jpeg was produced. New HP pc, windows10, bilinear, 85%. Please enlighten me!
  12. Linslusen

    Outer shadow

    Sorry, this was a typo. Radius and offset are given in pixels and I entered 40 px for both, and still the result is different.
  13. Linslusen

    Outer shadow

    Hi, three questions: 1. My current computer is slowly dying of asphyxia and I have now ordered a new one. How can I transfer my current licence to the new computer? 2. There is a massive buildup of file size in the Affinity files. I always thought the raw files took up a lot of space, but the Affinity files easily reaches 500 MB. Thankful for tips on how to handle this on my side and are you doing anything to minimize file size buildup? 3. When preparing a set of images for an exhibition, I wanted to have a 2 cm border on all the images (canvas size 30x40 cm). I designed a master canvas, placed an image and edited it, saved the image, then deleted it and placed a new one for editing. Everything worked smoothly exept for a small but irritating problem. When I put an Outer shadow on all the images in exactly the same way (100% opacity, 40% radius and 40% offset) the result was visibly different. Of course the placed images were different in size (after cropping etc), and I suspect that the differencies in shadow effect is related to the image size, but it looks awkward and needs some manual correction. Is it possible to make an "absolute" Outer shadow or how should you otherwise handle this? 3. When editing a group of images it would be lovely to copy a successful editing of one image to all the others. Any bright ideas?
  14. Thanks a lot. I will give it a go !
  15. Hi, I am an Affinity photo user/addict since a few weeks. Rapidly exploring all the wonderful possibilities of a great photo software. Probably just scratching the surface so far. But I have two questions: Is there a corresponding Affinity photo app (without commercials) for Android phones/pads? Is there a way to "copy" a set of settings/editing from a finished photo that you are satisfied with, in order to paste it onto another photo or a group of photos? I have noticed the macro function, where you can record settings and later use them for other photos, but it is not always the case that you would know beforehand that an editing session will be successful. Otherwise you would have to have the macro function going all the time.