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  1. I use picGIF Lite), free on the Mac App Store. You can create gifs from a variety of file formats (.jpg, .tiff, .png etc), video files, and use multiple file types when creating a gif (e.g. .jpg, .gif, and video). It only outputs as a .gif, no video output option so far. You can also adjust frame rate, and aspect ratio. It's a really basic and easy to use program.
  2. MEB, Thank you for the reply and confirming this is a software bug. I am using the evaluation software, so my trial period is going to run out before there is a fix available. Is there some way I could get notified when a fix is available and then get another trial period to test it? I really want to switch from Illustrator to Designer, but having SVG render correctly is essential. Thanks, Erik
  3. I appreciate the explanation. Unfortunately, the most efficient solution for me is going to be Illustrator since it imports with no issues there. I have too many SVG files all formatted the same way to do any kind of manual fix.
  4. I want to import/place the following SVG file (hlines.svg). It looks correct in Illustrator. I can also open the file in Chrome and it looks correct. Here is how it looks when imported/placed in Designer: It is faint, but only the square in the upper left corner appears and it is missing the two horizontal black bars. How do I fix this? If I open the file it looks similar but I get a long list of layers. It seems that all of the boxes are being stacked on top of each other. I can select a layer and then move the SVG object to a different location. In this example, I moved each of the boxes from the upper left corner, where they were stacked on top of each other. I don't care if the objects are on separate layers or flattened on the same layer. I am not doing any editing except for scaling the entire image to 30 in x 30 in. I just need it to look like the image at the top, hLines.svg
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