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  1. Can we request a Rectangular Grid tool like the one in Adobe Illustrator? So it'll be easier to create 8 bit graphics (pixel bucket fill) and measuring divisions will be a lot easier! Thanks!
  2. What I do is I enable snapping on guides and grids and use manually create square shapes for each pixel. Is this the most convenient way of doing this style of graphic since we still don't have the Rectangular Grid tool from Adobe Illustrator, that enables you to do bucket fills per pixel box. Thank you!
  3. Sorry I forgot to mention it's for Affinity Photo, and it's Command+Enter also... It converts the text to curves, separated by letters, and put it in one group. Ok, I'll fiddle with my preference settings. Thanks guys
  4. Is there a way to disable the command CTRL+G from converting Text to a Group / Curves? I sometimes unconsciously use this command and see my text convert to paths, and had to redo them later on. Thanks!
  5. What software do you use for gif animation aside from Photoshop? Ability to save it as video would be helpful too. Thanks
  6. Wow! that did the trick swiftly! Thank you so much :D I totally appreciate your help
  7. I'm trying to separate the vector objects here so I can color each item differently. How do I do that? Thanks!
  8. How do I crop the image with one click/selection after using the Rectangular Marquee, just like in Photoshop? Thanks!
  9. When I copy and image and paste it in Photoshop, the canvas size is automatically created with the copied image's dimensions. When I do this in Affinity Photo, it still asks me what dimensions I want, and of course I will just guess. How do I emulate Photoshop's automatic canvas sizing? Thanks!
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