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  1. Doesn't AP, AD, APub always does this? I like it, not having to search my items at the middle of the page or doing alt+ctrl+shift+v shortcut.
  2. � (a black diamond with a white question mark) this character usually represent a character that is missing in the font use by a program (for example when writing in UTF-8 in an application or web page that use simpler encoding). Perhaps there are ligatures or other complexe characters in your PDF, or special spaces, etc.? If you provided at least a sample PDF with those characters some would be able to explain it better.
  3. Hi, Are you sure? Isn't the fill option this one?
  4. APub didn't hang when flowing text, but I had a similar problem with text flowing only on the right pages (with 2 linked text frames on a master page). It seems corrected in version .471 (flow from left to right pages), but the app seems to hang (grey out for some time), and needed a "little" bit more time to process the 250 pages and display them in the Pages panel (I'm corrently on a small Windows tablet, it's normal, it'll be better on a real computer). It's the same with AD, when adding a lot of objects: you need to wait until the cursor get back its arrow shape as a sign it's finished the complexe task. You can test with this file (I couldn't add the flowed one since it's 16M!). Test_gabarit4text_to_flow.afpub
  5. Not sure how to check this with my dowloaded version, but it's available on the Windows Store.
  6. Foxit won't convert to image, only simple text (at least in the free version), it's an usefull program (with annotations and its pen tool), but not for this. You can convert to JPEG or have your missing fonts converted to curves with inkScape, this can be a better solution if you need to enlarge the page:
  7. But this is the way it should work, it's usefull sometimes but to use with parsimony), and it's important all the apps behave the same way or introduce special characters for special needs. If the right indent tab existed in APub, you would use it for this, but it would mess your text if you need to reflow or resize text or text frames. In your case, you'll need to use two paragraph styles, and you'll have more options with this if later you need to modify the styles or the pages.
  8. But your text is aligned to the left, not justified as in APub.
  9. Since you've got text with this illustration, it's best to have to do it manually instead of having only the illustration's position modified. Another option would be to open your illustration and import your APub styles in ADesigner (Text > Text Styles > Import Text Styles...) and place this file in the picture frame.
  10. For now, you can use the old trick of creating rectangles to mesure distances or adding/substracting values in the transform panel.
  11. In this case, some right indent tabulation* would be needed in APub. * Those put the text after the tabulation at the right of the frame, whatever the larger of this frame (no need to set a value to the tab, you can resize the frame and this part of the text will stay aligned to the right).
  12. But it would do this in ID or QXD. Or you need to put your forced line break at/near the end of a line with more text, or the justification is uggly. I use this in ID with a tab when I use a list and a special character for indenting, and need paragraph in this indented list, it's easier to do than creating a second paragraph style with indentation.
  13. It's the same when exporting to PDF from APhoto. I suspect it's a bug, an omission, and the live filter(s) aren't rasterized when exporting to PDF.
  14. Hi, It seems the fill layers aren't rasterized... it works with a rectangle filled with a gradient. Correct you file but don't use this one, I played with it until having the PDF exporting right Invite8.pdf Invite2.afpub
  15. Hi, Perhaps you should give the specifications of your computer and give the file to Affinity team if they ask it and want to inspect it? Is it a huge file with lot of pictures and pages or complexe layout?
  16. "poop" and cats spewing rainbows... I can't look at those images as before reading this thread!
  17. Too bad, I can't have this message. Is there a funny icon with the message? But I'm using Nightly...* and by default it's asking where to save the files, not trying to open them with any apps.
  18. And changing the suffixes of files is usefull when knowing why we do it, at random, it's not a good idea
  19. Don't forget to look at the Toolbar with its specific options:
  20. Hi, You need first to select the Fill/Gradient Tool (G) to be able to select between Fill or Stroke, and apply a gradient.
  21. You can use the shortcut "H", to select the Hand tool: you won't see the selection box and be able to check your progress, before switching back to another tool.
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