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    awan reacted to GarryP in Red Eyed Tree Frog (AD)   
    Crikey! (Actual words used were a little cruder and rhyme with “suddy bell”.)
    I would suggest that Serif contact you to make some kind of Spotlight article about this, if you were amenable – preferably with an animation showing a swipe between the finished drawing and the vector-only version.
    I think it’s reasonable to say that if something as good as this doesn’t show the power of the application in the right hands then nothing will.
    You consistently produce wonderful artwork but this is really special and deserves way more exposure than what it will get here.
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    awan got a reaction from CLC in All affinity boolean bugs   
    Strokes always out of order when i expand it, 
    if you look closely at the pic i shoot, you ll find strokes run out of grid. It happen too when i expand the circle, the circle become ugly. And the worst is when you do “add” operation of two objects then you ll find a line in the center. Its not something big for me sometimes, but its a big deal when you do a pixel perfect for icons production.!!
    i hope the team have the priority to fix these. Because these feature is like your main power that you must proud.

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    awan got a reaction from Alfred in [By Design] Dissapear Wierd guide lines   
    Aww thank you
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    awan reacted to mfarooqi in Affinity Usage (Installation)   
    I appreciate honesty.  That's why I've quit using Adobe products.. those are so expensive and make people to use illegal ways to use their products.. (piracy)..
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    awan reacted to StevenS in Affinity Usage (Installation)   
    Hi @awan,
    You can install Affinity apps on as many Windows devices as you require for your own use.
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    awan got a reaction from JohaWeber in Affinity Designer Customer Beta -   
    dude, can you explain why? export dimention is different with canvas size http://prntscr.com/ger8no
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    awan got a reaction from Crycle0k in Inking technique (a bit old) used in other applications, ported to AD   
    Thank you for this thread
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    awan got a reaction from noor in Thank you Affinity Designer!   
    My fave style, great
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    awan reacted to SrPx in Inking technique (a bit old) used in other applications, ported to AD   
    Please, apologies if this type of video has been done already....
    Is just the old technique of overshooting strokes, and later on deleting what is not wanted, as permits more confident lines and in certain way a faster work. is not a technique for everyone, is just one of the many ways to ink. I am using this without pressure, in this specific case, what you see is just the use of pencil, with a pre-set pressure profile (so it always starts thin, goes thick, ends thin) .The ideal thing is of course to do it with pressure sensitivity, but I just wanted to do a fast tut. 
    Also, please don't judge the quality of the drawing, is extremely fast done, not caring about.. anything xD
    And a last thing... I made a dumb mistake, I did not explain the main step, haha. :D  . After you draw your overshooting strokes, you need to pick the MOVE tool ( V key ) draw a marquee selection around ALL your line art piece, then go to layer top menu, and click on Expand Stroke. What this does is it converts the brush strokes in shapes with contours. Alowing so the later on applied technique. Oh! And don't forget to convert to curves any shape that was done with actual standard shapes (circle, star, etc) as those are that, "shapes" yet. For this, just select the shape, go to Layer at the top menu, and click on "convert to curves". (Alfred contribution --- > ) If you're a keyboard shortcuts person like me, you can convert to curves by pressing Ctrl+Enter on Windows (or Cmd+Return on a Mac).
    (then you would do the selecting all by doing a rectangle selection with Move tool, and then 'Expand Strokes'. )
    In the operation, I use the node tool making rectangle selections, but, as we don't have yet lasso for this, what I do is use quite "shift" to add to selection, and perform it in 2 or 3 additions when needed (only a few times needed). That but doing clever rectangle selections : You want to leave some dots in the middle of the crossing stroke, so that you leave no empty gaps.
    This deletion of unwanted segments, like in other applications, requires you to use the node tool (not the move tool, now) , and go clicking on each segment to work on it. Is faster done than explained ;D. You could select all curves in the layers panel, and so, having all selected, but trust me in that doing so, would be much harder. :)
    Oh, BTW, you wont see anything unless you maximize the video to full desktop   :)
    And for that, you would need to click on the "VIMEO" white text down below, and once in Vimeo, hit the 4 directions cross icon besides the "HD", to see it in full window. Sorry, I don't have the pro version of vimeo   ;)
    EDIT : Also, i know the eyes are not done properly, I mean, not applied well the technique, but was just for showing the general trick. Just for completeness, the eyes, being circles, they have to be converted to curves, first (done in the second one, but not its iris, just sent a stroke to front to cover it, lol) . And it would get its curves expanded to contoured shapes, like everything else, in the select all with move tool, and expand strokes. Also, you will si that, yet with node tool, I just click in some points to add a vertex or two, when there's none inside the crossing stroke. Very fast to do, though, as you will see.
    Edit 2: For this to be comfortable like it is in other apps like in AI, what I do first is set in preferences the nodes and handles to have the smallest size there. It makes it doable. As this does not require a restart, I would change back to medium for , for example, making a logo.   :)
    Edit 3: (last one, I promise) . You will see in his right eye (left side in the canvas), a sort of glitch, a straight diagonal crossing his eye. is not an AD glitch. I did the thing so fast that I hadn't yet cleaned well some stuff. Is just a shape badly closed by me, there's a pause (I needed to figure out a thing and also a phone call, so, paused the video there) , after that the glitch is gone as I fixed it. Nothing magic or trying to hide anything ;)