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    Affinity Designer for iPad - 1.7.0

    Isometric studios available in ipad too?
  2. Hello, How to dissapear objects guide lines with violet color, thats looks like Stroke and disturb me. Even i dont click, they always appear.Just check my attachment
  3. is it me or the exporting system really this bad? this my AD file this is my eps exporting file
  4. hello, if you re in vector stock (microstock) industry, you are gonna know this issue. vector agency will not approve vector with standard dropshadow / outer shadow FX. so designer do alternatives things to create shadow, in affinity, sametimes it's easy to create curve shadow when the object is circle. ex : 1. create 2 circle 2. radial (fill tool) on the black circle, dont forget to set multiply on the layer 3. boom, its perfect but, this becomes frustrating when the object is not circle / ellipse. for example, we cant do the same technic when the obkject is square, ridiculous haha. So, please, anybody here can give me tips to solve this? PS : in Illustrator, we can do it easily with mess fill
  5. well, hello, so i create line art like this, i make this with pen tool, and the nodes not joined, my question is how to fill color in every different space between those lines? please give me a fastest technique, i see a person in youtube do it easily with AI on youtube, below
  6. Hello, so i purchased an affinity designer. but i have 2 Notebook. first is my personal notebook that mainly stay at home, the other one is notebook in my office which sometimes my staff use it to do entertainment like watching videos, etc. May i install affinity in both of my notebook? so i dont need to carry my home notebook to office when i need to work with Affinity. please note : only me who will use installed Affinity
  7. haha, just make a thread about "it is okay? if i wanna install on my another notebook?" thank you
  8. Everytime i upload exporting image from affinity photo, it always fail. anybody can give me a clue? what setting should i apply? usually i re save my work from PhotoScape then it can be uploaded. but unfortunately quality change and color change too. thank you so much
  9. hello, help me please. sorry for bad english. so i created a graphic contains some objects that i convert to a "group", you can see in the image i upload. that black bold outline is from "outline" fx. i know it cant be exported as vector. but, all i want is to only export the outline to be a vector. not included those tiny line inside. and i want a line vector, can you guys help me the fastest way?
  10. hello there, lately i learn how to digital inking. i love using both Affinity to do all my work (in my office) but not for inking, line art, whatever people call it. I dont know why it feels so hard for me to be smooth in affinity, i am sorry i know i am new guy here, maybe i should learn a lot. then i installed medibang. it was suprised me because medibang is very well to do line art, even i am new in digital drawing it feels like so easy to play around in medibang. maybe medibang focus on it. back at it again, after i have fun drawing in medibang so i export (PSD) it to affinity photo, because i wanna learn to coloring in affinity. but i find something ugly in my drawing after i import it to affinity. when i ZOOM(-), it looks distorted too much,. i can say it because i compare it when i opened it with Manga STudio, and its fine. maybe , my artline look well on affinity only when it in actual zoom, maybe in affinity PHOTO : medibang : ORIGINAL file manga : in Designer : if you guys look closly, you will find a different, i think. so do i should do some setting on affinity to make it normal? please give me advice, i am afraid if it will effect my next printing job when i work with it. thank you so much
  11. awan

    Thank you Affinity Designer!

    My fave style, great
  12. awan

    Getting Used To This Vector Thing

    Please, put these on youtube, cant wait to see you do it step by step, haha
  13. awan

    The Box Set by Wren

    Thanks Wren just got mine. i am new in graphic design and new too here with AD. can you tell me what of your brush preset that fit with kind of line ARt like this? (tell me the name please) PS : really wanna be good at INKING and LINEART, hehe
  14. Hi, anywone will give me tutorial or work flow to work the art like this on AD? this i found on youtube done with AI, i really want to learn about kind of this art, like "detail inking" or whatever it called. step : i dont have AI but TBH AI dominate the internet, too much tutorial i found to create everything with AI, so i just try to follow some illustrator video and applicate it to AD, but it drive me crazy :D, so please give me advice. thanks from Indonesia
  15. noted, thank you so much, i try some parts of this technic. anyway, we should consist of brush or pen tool? i looked on AI tutorial they all use brush for inking. thanks yes men, i got one a few day ago, thanks for advice
  16. Well hello, i just play arround with AD practice my self, and decide to create icon logo. done. and tried to export with the setting : 400dpi, RGB, lanczoz, progresive, (JPEG) after finished i plan to post it too instagram from my smartphone, but unfortunately the quality compressed too much, can anyone figure it out? i attach my original file here my uploading test : https://www.instagram.com/p/BSbbNS6jJ_v/ i look at the other person doing it fine, may be they use corel or ai. here the ex : https://www.instagram.com/p/64SDFojFQO/ thanks