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  1. hi, anyone has experience to setting standard pixel brush to feel like Photoshop round brush? my favorite part of the photoshop brush is we can control opacity with preasure, i try to look at affinity but cant find, maybe has different setting name? thank you
  2. hi, so i installed affinity for my designer (employee), all affinity purchase for our need is under one account, mine. i download the file from official download page. i install it and boom, it seems like it suddenly activated no need to fill serial number, did i do something wrong here? since "work from home", before i lend our notebook to him i wanna make sure its perfect
  3. hi, i have 3 questions 1. may i duplicate all kind of original default brush (for example : Textured Acrylic) then replace "Brush Nozzle" and "Base Texture" with my own texture? then use it for my commercial project or sell my project to clients? in other words, i only take the brush settings 2. is that brush now copyrighted as mine? 3. how about to sell it? or must i change the setting little bit? thank you
  4. thank you for the link, so there is no problem with all i do? because i often export affinity file to PSD and vectorize it with another software too
  5. Hi, i just wanna discuss about commercial usage. let say, if we create "original" artwork like font, illustration or template, etc, FULLY using all Serif Affinity software (with every this software's tools, like pen tool, all brushes, rectangle tool, etc), is the End Product / final file (vector/raster) 100% is ours? and are we 100% the copyright holder? so we can freely distribute / sell file wherever we want? thank you
  6. Hi, i am desktop and ipad user, so, i rarely touch my ipad lately and enjoy my desktop. And when i back them realize i found brush category named outline brushed. I worried where it come from, cause i dont find it on my affinity designer for windows. is it originaly from serif affinity? sorry my bad
  7. Hi, So i have affinity installed on windows NOtebooks, and ipad too, i use it for daily use. I install that in my two Notebooks, i ever read it is okay to install a license for 2 devices as long as only me who use it. for now, i have an employee for my design studio. My question? should i buy 1 license again for my another laptop? because there is an employee who use it too. tHanks
  8. Hi. so, as a vector stock seller i must be careful about the license. I have a question, Can all of affinity default brush be used to create a final product like vector stock or font making? Which all those artwork will be distributed as editable file and everyone can buy them. why i worry, because at time ago, i just tried to purchase a brush to create a font, and If i not wrong, the owner said that i can not use the brush for font making, and i must have extended / exclusive license or something if i wanna. that is hard and gave me a phobia. thank
  9. Hi, hi, i need to ask this, sorry its new for me because i usually do a vector art. so, how to blend 2 materials? (in AP or AD) for example if i have transparent clip art (PNG) like the yellow donut in the left, and jpeg texture on the right, how can i blend them and keep it transparent? i mean the texture (jpeg) keep inside the yellow part. thanks pliz help ps : i have both AP & AD
  10. Strokes always out of order when i expand it, if you look closely at the pic i shoot, you ll find strokes run out of grid. It happen too when i expand the circle, the circle become ugly. And the worst is when you do “add” operation of two objects then you ll find a line in the center. Its not something big for me sometimes, but its a big deal when you do a pixel perfect for icons production.!! i hope the team have the priority to fix these. Because these feature is like your main power that you must proud.
  11. is it me or the exporting system really this bad? this my AD file this is my eps exporting file
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