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  1. Here is my latest poem laid out. Not sure I'm happy with the layout just yet but it's not too far off. I used Affinity Photo to edit the background and Affinity Publisher to layout the poem. Neo_Liberal Work Ethic.pdf
  2. Michael S Harvey

    Affinity Publisher is Apple’s Mac App of the Year

    Serif are certainly a spectacularly industrious company. Congratulations on the Apple Award it is well-deserved. Your legacy applications were also award winners in their filed as I remember. Particularly PagePlus. I hope Affinity Publisher will go from strength to strength and become a new industry standard that will remain powerful and affordable for users and professionals alike.
  3. Is there any plan to support reflection maps into styles like we have in PagePlus X9? I find it adds a certain realism to some textures and would love to be able to achieve it in Affinity Applications.
  4. Michael S Harvey

    PagePlus X9 Birds and Creatures Silhouettes

    Okay an updated file including fun objects as assets. Funobjects.pdf Silhouettes.afassets
  5. I've transferred these assets to Affinity Publisher from PagePlus X9. There are other silhouette categories but these are the ones I use mainly. Here they are for others to use in Affinity form with PDFs to edit yourself. Birds.pdf Creatures.pdf Silhouettes.afassets
  6. Michael S Harvey

    Flow Diagram Symbols from PagePlus X9

    Here are some more useful symbols from Serif's PagePlus X9 in Asset Form Flow Diagram Symbols Flow Diagrams.afassets Flow Diagram.pdf
  7. Michael S Harvey

    Quick Symbols from PagePlus X9

    I moved these quick symbols from PagePlus X9 into Publisher as they are quite useful for general documents. Here are the assets. Hopefully Serif won't mind me sharing them as they are so useful. Quick Symbols.pdf PagePlus X9 Quick Symbols.afassets
  8. Michael S Harvey

    PagePlus vs Affinity Publisher

    It is some of the presets I'd like to see in Publisher or Designer. They are very effective. I'll try the PDF method thanks.
  9. Michael S Harvey

    PagePlus vs Affinity Publisher

    Agreed. I also miss the object styles included in PPX9 which are not available in Publisher. The shearing shadow effect is also missing in Publisher. However, I believe the first of these features can be replicated to some extent in Designer. I would like to be able to take some of the bundled assets and clipart from PPX9 for use in Publisher. I'm sure there will be a manual way of doing this.
  10. Here is my latest piece of poetry laid out using Affinity Publisher. Firstly the Morality.wmf was placed and rotated on the master page with a whit rectangle covering it using an opacity of 75%. I applied an Affinity Photo live filter (depth of field) adjusting the clarity and radius and using an average blend mode. Then on the main page I used artistic text for the title and imported the Morality.png to complete the title effect. Centring and grouping the elements together. I then copied the text of the poem from WordPerfect X6 and pasted it into a new text frame. I altered the text style to body text and adjusted the point size to 18. I right justified the signature copyright line and resized the text frame so it just fit the poem. I then aligned the text frame to the centre of the page and moved it down by eye until it looked good enough, I used PagePlus X9 for the bloody filter effects as I couldn't achieve the result I wanted in Publisher. The Trouble With Morality.pdf Morality.wmf Morality.svg
  11. Still no Footnotes or Endnotes? Oh well ...
  12. The font is News706 BT. https://www.wfonts.com/font/news706-bt
  13. Here is an attempt to layout my latest poem using Affinity Publisher. I used layer effects outer shadow on the title artistic text. Font use News 706. The word 'Interrupted' is in DTC Funky and uses an outline to enhance the text using the stroke function. The background image is a pencil style image placed on the master page with an obscuring rectangle with light opacity to create the watermark effect. Foreshadowed Grief Interrupted.pdf
  14. Here is a poem which attempts to convey some of the challenges faced by caring for someone a relative with dementia. It is an experimental layout in Affinity Publisher. I found the layer effect emboss quite useful for adding interest to the page. Particularly using the invert option to create something unexpected. Adding 3D to the text also helped the output look far more interesting. This work is copyrighted. Treasure in Darkness.pdf
  15. Here are some layouts I created for two poems with a spider theme in Affinity Publisher ... The corner spiders were created using the Autotrace function in DrawPlus X4 from a photo I took and saved as a wmf file. I wish Publisher would support the smf file type as well. The background image was created in Corel Paint It.

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