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  1. Another layout of the poem. This time using the engrave function from the GMIC plugin library in Affinity Photo. Text laid out in Affinity Publisher.
  2. Yes, He was. Hence, the homonym based word play between "Good knight!" as a salutation and "Goodnight" wishing him a peaceful slumber as another way of saying "rest in peace".
  3. I don't know what you've done but the vector brushes are much speedier when drawing on screen. However, I'm still waiting for the May 2020 update from Microsoft for my system as my machine is still on compatibility hold, so it can't be due to the GPU enhancement technology. It's great though.
  4. This is my latest poem as a tribute to the late Captain Sir Thomas Moore. The image was turned into a cartoon using the GMIC extension in Affinity Photo. The poem was written in LibreOffice and imported into Affinity Publisher. Good Knight, Captain Tom
  5. Still no footnotes and endnotes? I've a feeling that will require a paid upgrade release before we see this feature. Still, thanks for 1.9.
  6. Serif DrawPlus had a good auto-trace feature from version X4 onwards. Unfortunately Serif no longer sell their legacy software so getting a copy may be very difficult. Second Hand may be the best way to go. This only works on Windows however. Maybe we could encourage Serif to make that available to fill a gap until Designer gets it's own auto trace facility. https://listoffreeware.com/convert-raster-to-vector/
  7. Well GMIC may be a problem. However I contacted the author of Fotosketcher and he would be willing to provide a plugin but he requires an sdk to be available for him to develop one. He doesn't know how to do it otherwise. He tried looking at doing a plugin for Adobe Photoshop but he wasn't able to for the same reason. GMIC does use the QT interface method and is supported by certain open source applications including Krita and GIMP.
  8. Affinity Photo is a very good application indeed. It would be nice if it allowed the support of extensions to third party software which would complement its functionality. In particular the GMIC extension which is supported on Paint.Net, GIMP, Digikam. This provides a library of ready made features which could assist in creative work. It would be nice if Photo could interface with Fotosketcher too. A very useful tool for creating art out of photographs. These are only suggestions which may be of use to photographers and digital artists alike.
  9. This is the closest I've seen to the effect of the art styles used on older banknotes. The intricate lines look magnificent. This macro style combination is almost as good. Thank you.
  10. Here is a link to Digikam. A useful image management application with very powerful features. Sadly it will not support the Affintiy Photo format directly but it will allow opening images in any editor. It's internal editor is quite powerful too. It includes GMIC. Free and open source for Windows and Mac. Until Affinity provide similar functionality this may be a good program to fill the gap. https://www.digikam.org/
  11. PagePlus X9 does the correct font rendering of Linux Bioiinium Caps. It doesn't insert a lower case tt ligature. Publisher does. As fo Linux Libertine initials PagePlus messes up the kerning but doesn't insert the ligature. The kerning is good in publisher. I can easily work around the issues in Publisher but it is just a weird behaviour of these fonts in Affinity. Thanks for your input Bhikkhu Pesala.
  12. Quirky font ligatures.zip I would if I could. I was thinking of a user editable list of fonts and preferred settings. I will upload two fonts so you can experiment with them. Examine the fonts in the zip file. It seems to be a problem with the tt ligature. It may be a font issue rather than an Affinity issue.
  13. I like Affinity Publisher's ligature support for Open type fonts. It is very good. Is it possible to make it more intelligent in the future to handle fonts which have ligatures in them but shouldn't use them when the font chosen doesn't support them properly for said font? Linux Biolinum Caps Linux Libertine Initials It can be sorted out manually but it would be nice if Publisher remembered fonts which don't perform well using standard settings. Maybe a preferred font features setting for fonts which don't work as expected? Examples attached. Nottingham.afpub Nottingham.pdf
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