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  1. Or maybe implement fractal zoom style or spline based zoom technology as an extra persona?
  2. Michael S Harvey

    Affinity Publisher Drop Caps

    A nice effect.
  3. Michael S Harvey

    PagePlus x9

    I don't think Affinity is a waste of money as I was aware that PagePlus X9 and previous file formats were not going to be supported. After all Affinity is a new cross platform range and not related to the excellent Plus range on Windows only. I do wish that Serif would provide a way to import stuff from their former ranges other than the PDF route but I understand why they haven't. I would like to see Affinity Plus reach the full feature equivalence of PagePlus X9 and, preferably exceed it soon. It would also be nice to see the Serif Metafile Format developed in Affinity products, but they may have other ideas. Certainly footnotes and endnotes, captions, table of figures, cross-references, barcode generation, grammar checker, proofreader, pre-flight check and hopefully more filter effects would be an excellent addition to Affinity, but we'll have to wait and see. There should also be a Linux friendly / BSD port too, but I think that too is just a dream.
  4. Michael S Harvey

    A Good Boy

    I think it was the advertising one with the annoying "You're gonna love me". Only for a short glimpse. My mistake it was an ordinary drop cap resize.
  5. Michael S Harvey

    A Good Boy

    Kind of odd as the Affinity Publisher 1.7 advertisement video does use a technique to achieve something similar to an out-dented initial capital.
  6. Michael S Harvey

    FREE Cloudy Sky background A3

    Here is cloudy sky background in A3 portrait format I created in Affinity Photo and PhotoZoom Pro 7. Useful as a textured background in Publisher, and I'm guessing Affinity Designer. It is at 300dpi and in PNG format stored in a 7z archive. I hope you find it useful. Cloudy Sky (resized).7z Smaller sample also included.
  7. Michael S Harvey

    A Good Boy

    I toyed with that idea too but it felt like a half measure when dealing with the textual integrity of the piece. However, that method would have allowed me to group the items together and use the alignment of the group for automatic centring. All methods fall short of an ideal solution and perhaps adding a Drop Cap in margin function would be a useful suggestion for a feature enhancement in a future release. Thank you for the link.
  8. Michael S Harvey

    A Good Boy

    With thanks to everybody who helped on the forum with how to out dent Dropped Caps, here is my latest layout in Affinity Publisher. I used the Manual Optical Alignment facility to achieve the out-dent effect. On the downside this affects the ability of the alignment function to centre the text frame automatically so it has to be adjusted by eye only. I Am a Good Boy I Am.pdf
  9. Michael S Harvey

    Affinity Publisher Drop Caps

    Yes that works very well. Thank you,
  10. Michael S Harvey

    Affinity Publisher Drop Caps

    Thanks the pinning option may be the best workaround for now.
  11. Michael S Harvey

    Affinity Publisher Drop Caps

    Thank you. I shall look at both those techniques.
  12. I have been experimenting with drop caps in my poetry layouts and like the possibilities it offers. However, is it possible to have a Drop Cap out-dented from a paragraph or text body style so that it appears as though it is in a margin only?
  13. Michael S Harvey

    H.F.A.S.D. - Communication Guide

    I have attempted to lay out my Higher Functioning Autistic Spectrum Communication Guide on Affinity Publisher. The results are interesting. I love the control this package gives me over typography and the excellent column guides facility. I hope you like the results although I still have a lot to learn. Added a slight edit to give the poetry a separate demarcation on page two. I used the rectangle tool with reduced opacity and placed the rectangle behind that particular column. I was surprised to find that the 'send to back' function actually sent the rectangle behind the layers which were on the Master Pages and not just on the current page. So I had to send it back one layer instead. I'm used to a slightly different functionality on PagePlus but I'm sure I'll adapt. Aspergers Information.pdf
  14. I would like to see Affinity Publisher handle more text file formats on import. Particularly useful would be Open Document and Word Perfect text formats.
  15. Michael S Harvey

    Affinity products for Linux

    I remember it from the days of the Amiga. The only Professional DTP package really worth having on that platform and along with Typesmith it was a very nice product.