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  1. Not exactly a solution to spot colour matching but this might be a useful freeware tool for Windows and Mac users. Seems to work with different colour spaces. https://annystudio.com/software/colorpicker/ And this might be useful for Digital Artists rather than print artists. https://yeun.github.io/open-color/
  2. Time for an alternative colour matching scheme to compete with Pantone. Open source would be best much as Ghostscript did for Postscript. Everyone would benefit and Pantone would no longer have a monopoly on the colour matching environment.
  3. Thanks, @walt.farrellI didn't know that. I was wondering if there might be any possibility of supporting Word-perfect files. I know it's not as widespread use as Word but many legal professionals still use it. Although Corel has its brand of DTP software so maybe adding support in Affinity Publisher would not be a lucrative prospect.
  4. I would love Affinity Publisher to import open document format files as well as the Docx format. I know Microsoft has taken over the world with their brand of office software but the main open-source suites should possibly be supported as well. Rich Text Format might also be useful. Yes, we can save from Libre Office as Docx but risk losing information in the transfer. Thanks again for the great software.
  5. At least you had decent DTP software on your platform with its hi-res mono graphics. A very underrated platform the ST. It did well in the music industry and low-end DTP. Amiga had gotten got the video market sewn up but played second fiddle to the ST in the music field. Although the Amiga did well with multitasking.
  6. I must admit I miss Proper Grammar II by Softwood on the Amiga. It was the only decent grammar checker on that platform. It was incorporated into Final Writer though. Really with the advent of deep learning algorithms, I would assume that an AI Editor will not be too far away. Whether that will be offline, however, will remain to be seen.
  7. I was thinking of Publisher in particular. Although the thesaurus facility would be useful in Photo and Designer. Not so much the grammar checker perhaps. Although Artistic Text might benefit from a Grammar Checker as well.
  8. One would have thought that as a suite of applications there could be a unified template dialogue. All the apps use the same file format, so why not unify the template choices? Or simply allow the sharing of template presets between installed applications.
  9. Strictly speaking, this is not a bug, but a feature that hasn't been implemented. It is a very good idea though, and I hope Serif take note and implements something that will provide a similar feature, We wait with bated breath.
  10. If that is what you can achieve on a very old computer. Goodness, knows what you will achieve with a more powerful and up-to-date beast of a machine. You sir are a legend. I am in awe of the quality of your work.
  11. I wouldn't be too impatient for this feature. Serif didn't get this facility into PagePlus until version X8 (18). Mind you, footnotes and endnotes arrived in version X5 (15) so there may be hope yet. However, I think other features may take priority over the infographics feature. Having said that, it all depends on what will be seen as a necessity first. Personally, I'd like to see cross-references and bibliography support as well as captions and table of figures to make it into Publisher first. Although implementing Infographics into Designer might be the way to go, then it might be accessible through Studio Link.
  12. Adding captions and an index of figures would be an excellent addition to Affinity Publisher. Come to that, so would a bibliography feature for academic works.
  13. It would be great if the Affinity Suite had access to a thesaurus and a grammar checker included in all the apps. Just for final checks and proofreading. And maybe access to a story / article editor as well. Thanks for the very good software set at a reasonable price.
  14. There was a version of Pageplus X5 by serif which supported RTL. I believe the version was done in collaboration with others. It had a limited run. I agree that in a worldwide market, RTL would be a boon to the Affinity apps. However, it may be that specialiy trained coders need to be brought in to explain the algorithms that are used for such rendering of RTL cursive text. They would then need to find a way to intergrate the algorithms with their own LTR algorithms. They would also need to implement the overriding algorithm to detect changes between the two rendering styles per word, line or paragraph. And then there is the spell-checking implementation to consider. The next request will be support for TTB textual rendering. That sounds like it could be another complex but interesting challenge.
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