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  1. I see, so this is rather location dependent and I thought it was a lacking grasp of english
  2. No reason to be sorry English isn't my native tongue so I may be false - Would like a native speaker clearing this up.
  3. I was perhaps a little unclear, as far as my english reaches this summer is the summer in the current year and next summer the one in the next year. So you meant summer 18? That's a relief...
  4. Maybe it's my english, but isn't next summer in 2019?
  5. Na ist doch einfach - Die sind für die 3,5 Jahre Verzögerung verantwortlich. Auf sie! =^.^= Edit: Aehm sorry postet in german: It's easy - They are responsible for the 3.5 years of delay. Get them! =^.^=
  6. Yeah checked out the Heise-Xpress, sadly it doesn't work on HighSierra and 200$ is way to much for public domain work, will have to survive longer with the shitty iStudio Publisher 8( The free Viva doesn't even have spell checking...
  7. There is nothing else fitting my need. Happy fun world to the Windows users here that have a lot less pressure for Publisher then us Apple users 8(
  8. So another half year longer wait? This is far beyond ridiculous now... We were promised the beta 3 years ago so this is a whopping 3,5 years late - IF it comes in summer.
  9. Expect at least a beta of my DAM in 2018 Affinity and DxO Support will be in it, my own Developer part will take a while longer.
  10. There is *NO* DAM in the works at Affinity. Why are people all the time still popping up thinking it is when Affinity clearly denied it? x_X
  11. We got that you love subscriptions - Please accept that we hate them.
  12. Yeah SwiftPublisher and iStudio - Both useless junk. Scribus sounds good on the feature list, the Mac version has the same problems as all gtk based software. It feels like torture on the Mac (it's a long standing problem of gtk). Viva Free hasn't even a spell checker. Will have to continue hacking around with Pages till Serif finally reaches a release.
  13. Not everyone is doing layout to earn money. And as a hobbyist The price for the big Layout programs is out of question.
  14. There are no other realistic options on Macs, expensive as hell InDesign and Xpress and some shitty tools like iStudio that can't do anything remotely worthwhile.
  15. I'm surprised if there is a release at all. After all we got just another delay after being delayed *3 years* already...
  16. I see subscriptions as exactly 1 thing - a reason to instantly stop using that software. It is a total no go, renting in general is a total no go as is getting credits.
  17. It probably was in the work as was Publisher, that won't be released even in 2018 as I fear 8(
  18. Where did you get that it was in development? All I know of was that they would like doing it after Publisher.
  19. Windows users have a little masochistic tendency - Never got why so many of them like programs that feels like a random zombie designed the gui and workflow
  20. Scribus has sadly a very unuseable GUI. Reminds me of many Windows and Linux programs. Just no taste 8(
  21. So I guess the amount of time people consider little differs greatly...
  22. I guess I will be to market before it hits. Should be thankful for this opportunity :) I'm currently planning on 2018 for my Aperture replacement... If the need exists and Affinity doesn't move on the DAM front I could keep you informed when beta comes out.
  23. SO we reached now most of the users on Windows after Affinity was made viable by us Mac users 8(
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