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    Print colors wrong on Canon Pro 100 printer

    I Tried that too. The only difference when I used soft proofing was that the image was a little brighter but the colors were exactly the same. The colors didn't change like they do when I try and use the paper ICC profiles during printing. Thanks for trying to help. Steve
  2. Print colors wrong on Canon Pro 100 printer. I don't think it's the printer because it prints fine on everything else, such as Luminar, lightroom, and Faststone image viewer. The problem happens when I try and put Affinity in charge of the printing and select a Photo paper for my printer. I tried ICC paper profiles from Canon and Red River, in both cases the prints were off color. If I put Affinity in charge of the printing and choose sRGB IEC61966-2.1 everything looks fine. If I let the printer have control of the printing and set the paper profile in the Print Driver, it works fine. I could go on, but basically... if I put the app (Affinity Photo) in charge of the printing and select a paper ICC profile, the color goes bad on the printout. Unless Serif fixes this, the only solution is to not use paper ICC profiles or use another program that does. The Canon Pro 100 came with Print Pro and that seems to work except you need Lightroom or another Adobe product to use it as a plug in. Affinity doesn't allow Print Pro to be used as a plug in. Has anyone heard of a solution to this or that Serif is working on a fix? Before anyone asks... Yes, my monitor is calibrated, and Yes, if I don't use the paper profiles the color matches my screen. If the pictures load... The left sides are the originals and the right are the printed versions in Affinity using paper ICC profiles.
  3. A little late, but here's what I did. First of all realize that tires are not round when viewed from anything other than straight on, it's a little more complex shape. 1) Use the pen tool to select 2 points on the outside of the tire. Then use the curve function for drawing curves with the pen tool. Do that all the way around the tire. Then convert to "Selection". 2) Select "Smooth" from the Select drop down list. Increase smoothness enough that the circle becomes smaller than the outside of the tire. 3) Select "Grow/Shrink" from the Select drop down list and increase circle size to size of tire. That should give you a relatively smooth and round selection. You will probably have to erase some pixels or clone some on the outside/inside of the tire. 1) Once you're selection has the marching ants it's easy to clone inside the circle with the clone tool. 2) If you have pixels outside the selection, just Invert selection and use the erase tool, but only erase the extra tire material and not the rest of the image. One last thing... I've added more black tire to the tire before I made the selection as stated above. It doesn't have to be neat or round. After I made my selection I just deleted the extra black outside the selection.