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    rnb got a reaction from Andrea Baccolini in Import plugin in Figma   
    Yes please! This would simplify the workflow a lot, so I am fully with you on this and I hope we'll see such a plugin in the near future.
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    rnb got a reaction from Glicky in Import plugin in Figma   
    Yes please! This would simplify the workflow a lot, so I am fully with you on this and I hope we'll see such a plugin in the near future.
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    rnb reacted to MCFC_4Heatons in Import plugin in Figma   
    I personally think this would be a great idea - Figma is getting a lot of attention and some kind of collaberation between Affinity and Figma or the abiltiy to import designer files into figma and retain as much editability as possible would be brilliant. Also I think both Figma and Affinity would benefit.
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    rnb reacted to Andrea Baccolini in Import plugin in Figma   
    Affinity team since the Figma plugins have recently come out, I was wondering if you could develop one to import Affinity Designer files. Or at least create a special export. Thank you
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    rnb reacted to MattP in Craft by invision app   
    We do have prototyping already working behind-the-scenes in the current Designer, but it is disabled while we work through and flesh it out. Hopefully 1.6 will enable this functionality :)
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    rnb reacted to VectorVonDoom in Third Party Plug-in Support for Designer   
    All the UX apps are fairly basic when it comes to vector work but it depends what you need to do. Assuming you're talking about more than drawing some boxes and stuff then Sketch isn't too bad for icon work for example (Figma next best, XD really bad but they expect you to use and pay for AI for real drawing), even proper icons not the child like ones that seem to be everywhere. It would be fine for logos. I don't see why you couldn't use it for posters and stuff but I've not tried so not seen if there are any shortcomings. But I count Sketch as more specialised, even if you ignore prototyping, it's more to do with screens and pixel perfect drawing that can do some general purpose stuff too.
    But you do really have to rely on plugins to plug gaps even for some basic functionality. For example select same you only get via a plugin. The trouble with relying on plugins is that most are by individuals and they can and do give up on them for various reasons,  fed up of the api's changing and breaking stuff, moved to another app, not enough time. Sometimes that might be the only one so then you're a bit stuck.
    Here's a few things that I've noticed Sketch does that AD doesn't regarding drawing:
    Round to Pixel, like AI's Align selected art to pixel grid button (Figma has the same option). This is a must have for me when working on pixel perfect stuff like icons or UI anything.  It's no good just snapping to pixel when you draw you also need to be able to re-snap when you scale etc. I'm not doing that manually. Fills & Strokes. Like pretty much every other app you can have multiple fills and strokes (and normally effects too). Not a big deal for me but nice to have.  Plus it has a few more fill options like picture and more control over noise. Effects. Like blur and drop shadow are converted to SVG filters when exporting SVG. AD exports them as raster, which sort of defeats the point in using SVG. Offset Path, that's a basic tool that everyone uses except when you don't have it. Locking layers, actually locks them like you'd expect. I know you can sort of do it in AD but it's clunky, it should just do what it says.  That's also sort of my list of reasons I can't even consider using AD for icon/UI design. That plus lack of scripting and things like the much discussed select same and the expand stroke problems.
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    rnb reacted to Jonas Haraldson in Export to Figma   
    For me, Affinity Designer is without doubt the preferred design and illustration tool. However, working with UX/UI design, there are many extremely compelling reasons to use Figma. In the best of worlds, I'd like to design all complex elements or illustrations in AD and all simpler shapes in Figma. Thus, I think it would be fantastic if we could get a dependable way to export to Figma, with good fidelity and layer/group names retained.
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    rnb reacted to Jonas Haraldson in Export to Figma   
    I agree that in the best of worlds, Serif would refine AD to equal Figma's feature set for UI/UX design. However, I honestly don't think that they can do that, knowing that they're busy creating both a new page layout app and expanding the Photo app to be able to replace Lightroom. Figma has a tremendous momentum, so I think the best we can hope for is for AD to play nicely with them. Letting us design elements in Ad and then import those to the full app or web design system that we create in Figma. (I'd be very happy to be proved wrong though.)
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    rnb got a reaction from jamesholden in Third Party Plug-in Support for Designer   
    Hi all,
    I totally agree. Support for 3rd party plugins, as they are available for sketch would definitely add a lot of value to your fine product. Almost every platform, supporting design systems as (atomize, zeplin, marvel, invision,... you name it) and therefore facilitating a designers workflow and supporting collaboration with the kind of plugins mentioned here.
    I understand, that e.g. sketch files kinda automatically transform into code (css) and affinity designer does not (yet???) has this feature  but I hope it will - sometime in the future. And maybe then it will be possible to deliver an API for progammers to make such things possible.
    In the meantime, it would be grate to find a way so we can directly open sketch files in affinity designer and the other way around :-) without taking a detour through svg or the like.
    Best regards and thanks for keeping that good work up!
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    rnb got a reaction from mondze in Working with Text Styles   
    Hi everyone,
    I am desperately searching for a tutorial or tips of you guys, how you are working with text styles in affinity designer. I dont' mean the artistic way of creating 3d texts or effects and the likes, but rather how u organize your h1, h2, text body styles, how do you create them and how to you apply these...any helpful tips or links are welcome.
    Thank you all.
    Best regards, 
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    rnb reacted to VectorVonDoom in 1965 Ferrari Dino Berlinetta Speciale (AD)   
    Thanks, quite pleased how it turned out. In case anyone's interested, the split view but with the vector textures hidden as they make it look a mess.

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    rnb got a reaction from JokeRat in Affinity Designer Workbook   
    Unfortunately I live in Switzerland - seems to be a bad thing, for once. If there's no possibility for swiss people to buy your book as a hard copy, at least let me download a german .epub version of it, right from your own store. Or consider to make a deal with www.exlibris.ch - so we swiss guys can get it. :)
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