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  1. Not too well informed on ICC Profiles, but I always thought that a RAW did not have an embedded color profile, it just contained information on the color profile set in the camera at time of capture. Perhaps wiser heads could advise on this.
  2. In the Photo Persona go to Document> Assign ICC Profile. Not available in Develope Persona. Hope this helps.
  3. I am trying to work out how to apply edits from one RAW image to a second RAW image and then total exposure match before focus blending. Easy enough in Lightroom using Sync... Then Settings> Match Total Exposures. Is there a similar work flow in Affinity Photo?
  4. Thanks to everybody for your help. The problem has been resolved.
  5. I am new to the forums. I am a AffinityPhoto only user and am wondering whether there is a dedicated forum for Photo users only. The majority of the few posts I have read seem to be about other Serif products and are of no real interest to me. Advice on where to find Photo only posts most welcomed.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I am using windows 10. I originally purchased from Serif about 5 years ago. Yes I am trying to open an image from Adobe bridge into Affinity photo. Selecting File-Open just opens the file in Photoshop6. Selecting File - Open with- Goes to Adobe Photoshop CS6 (default). I have downloaded the latest version of Bridge. I have read on the web that others are experiencing the same problem and the general advice seems to be to reinstall Affinity Photo. Any advice welcome.
  7. Hello. I purchased Affinity Photo many years ago and have never used it. I have now updated to the latest version and started using it. I need to re-install the program for accessing other applications (Adobe Bridge) . I can find no record of the product activation key. I may have ordered using a now defunct email address. Can you please help?
  8. I want to import the NIC plugin that I have installed on PS6. I can navigate my way to the plugins folder on C Drive but can't see a way of importing into Affinity Photo. Any advice most welcome.
  9. Thanks for replying. The tablet is an Edison 3 Android OS and I am using Google Chrome as my browser. Vimeo Tutorials work fine on my Windows computer and Chrome.
  10. The Vimeo tutorial videos will not play on my tablet. Do I need to download a special viewer for these video. Tutorials on utube work fine.
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