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  1. The workflow is to take at the start a photo that includes an X-rite ColorChecker. Based on that image, a separate program then produces an ICC profile that can be used in Lightroom or Capture One to process other raw images from the same shoot. From Walt's reply, it looks like this is not possible in Affinity Photo, thus answering my question. Thank you both for your kind help.
  2. Thanks. Other programs (Lightroom, Capture One) allow you to apply an ICC profile to a raw image, which (in theory at least) leads to a better result. Having to develop/export a raw image, and only then apply colour correction, will reduce the quality...
  3. Using X-rite's ColorChecker, an ICC profile can be generated for a set of raw images shot under the same lighting conditions. In Affinity Photo's Develop persona, I cannot find anywhere to apply an ICC profile. Have I missed something? Or is it necessary to first "develop" the raw image then apply an ICC profile in another persona? And if the latter, presumably it is better to use the Assistant Manager to set the output format as 32-bit rather than 16-bit?
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