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  1. On 9/27/2019 at 3:28 PM, Chris B said:

    Hi Max N,

    Two bugs here.

    First - Switching layers should not restore the fill to white—when I paint, it isn't white either so this is a clear UI bug. I think this might be logged but I'm not sure. 

    Second - Resetting the fills was added in 1.7 and the shortcut should be 'D' however, this was not implemented on Windows (omission) and is already logged. I'll give it a kick :) 


    Good day. The problems remain relevant.

    Plus there was a third problem.


    The mix brush in AP, apparently due to its low popularity, remains the most buggy tool in my rating. I'd like to get a tool that works predictably.

    This is no longer just a request, but a cry for help.

  2. Good day.

    My topic about problems with the mix brush went into archive pre 1.9. The problem was in 1.7 then in 1.8. For 1.9, I cannot create a theme as it will be a duplicate.

    The topic went into the archive, but the problem remains relevant.

    This year I completely gave up Photoshop. The mix brush ignores the Shift key if an empty color is selected.

    As a result, there are big problems when retouching metal surfaces. I am very upset that version 1.xx is coming to version 2.xx and the tool does not work as expected.

    The problem with resetting the color setting, when changing the layer, also remains not reshonic (for empty colors). Every time I move from layer to layer, I continue to re-adjust the brush fills. This is very painful. I want to remind you of these problems again. It is very important for me. For me, the mix brush is one of the main tools of work and I hope to see my problem with a note in each version (fixed).

    Here is a topic in which I talk more about the problems.



  3. Wrong forum thread, please move.

    Need help.

    Either I'm doing something wrong, or a program error. When generating a document with a layout, all data is taken from the table, except for images.

    I recorded the procedure and the result on the video.

    All morning and yesterday evening I tried to understand what is being done and how, but there is no result.


  4. 14 minutes ago, Patrick Connor said:

    MaxN this thread is not for feature suggestions

    I see how people, faced with the first difficulty of switching from PS to AP, give up trying and return to PS. This is very sad. I see that this implementation will suit loyal users like me, but for new ones this is another reason to make a choice not in favor of AP. I understand that this is not a bug, but it is a problem (in my opinion). I created a theme


    it can be moved to the appropriate branch. I plan to record AP lessons in Russian, and I want to be proud of the program and not make excuses.

  5. 2 hours ago, Chris B said:

    I can zoom with Ctrl and mouse wheel. You can then pan when zoomed in.

    We know you cannot resize it.

    TIFF fails to generate preview and GIF takes way too long to generate a preview.

    Indeed, it works with Ctrl. But the interface is not very informative. The percentage increase is not visible. Very small viewport. It's good that such a function has appeared. But for a user accustomed to PS when switching to AP, such a decision will be daunting.

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