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  1. Hello Chris, i have one more question on the topic with the "History-Tab active -> straight-not-round lines" problem, when you draw fast. You mentioned that the devs know about it. Is there any ETA for a fix? Because my time is limited and it is a little bit frustrating to test every new beta and that "bug" remains. Also these things are not a little bit worse, they are huge differences when the history tab is active or not. For reference i attached some screenshots. The first three are about the drawing problems. The other two illustrate my problem with the details slider (the picture is not from me, but a free one). I don't know if i have some weird problem that no other one has, but its a main task to denoise some pictures i make with my camera. Whats really strange is, these two pictures are made with the snipping tool -> carbon copy from display framebuffer. In Photoshop these are absolute pixel identical -> details slider does nothing. One point i haven't mentioned before is an error in the rendering of images. The edge smoothing on percentages other than eg.: 50%, 100%, 200%. is bad. I have attached these pictues too. I hope that will help. If you have any questions one these topics, don't hessistate to contact me - we all want a good product! Maybe you can forward these attachements to the devs. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello Chris, thanks for the response. I appreciate that the devs will look into these problems. Yes, i have used the Stabilizer, but its not the best solution for my problem or my drawing style. I hope that these things will be better in the near future, because Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer are great Apps and have the potential to eliminate the need for Photoshop / Illustrator.
  3. Hello Chris, i have tested the latest beta. The problems i mentioned still persists. When i change the settings on the detail slider, there is a slight "rerendering" of the image, but in end, there is no change. The main problem with the brushes is that when you paint fast curved lines, like hair, the lines are not "round" in the start. They are straight. Its really easy to test with a tablet. Please check the comment from me in the beta forums months ago. If you use the "History-Tab", the curve ist not a curve in the start (if you draw fast). If you switch to any other tab (transform, navigator or channels), the issue is greatly reduced. This might be a problem with the threading of the app in this case.
  4. So, after another half year, i tested the last beta build and... again, the same reported bugs. I want really work with this good app, but expecially point 1) and 2) are gamebreaker for me. After that long time, iam dissapointed - i posted these bugs in the forum and yet, no fixes...
  5. Same problems here. 1.) I think there is a problem with the sampling rates of the input devices and threading in general in Affinity Photo. Because (i have reported this months ago) if you use the "Histoy-Tab", the "wobbling" lines will be drawn. If you switch to any other tab (transform, navigator or channels), the issue is greatly reduced. 2.) Also if iam using the denoise filter, the "details" slider does nothing.
  6. I have tested the last build and the same problems persist. These bugs have been known since last year. Is there a timeline for the fixes?
  7. I have found some problems that are, for me, gamebreaker. I am a long time Photoshop user and like Affinity photo much, but some of the current bugs are problematic. 1.) Tablets and wobbling lines I use a Wacom Intuos 5 with up-to-date drivers. The "wobbling / straight lines" problem make drawing difficult. I think i have found the root of the problem: If you use the "Histoy-Tab", the "wobbling" lines will be drawn. If you switch to any other tab (transform, navigator or channels), the issue is greatly reduced. Can you please check this? 2.) Denoise Filter If iam use the denoise filter, the "details" slider does nothing! 3.) Brush Size / Hardness "Hotkey" Can you change the shortcut for this? It's really cumbersome to press one key AND 2 mouse buttons. The way it is done in Photoshop is more elegant. It's also impractical with a tablet. I want to make the transition to a Affinity pipeline, but with these "bugs" iam stuck with PS. I hope i have given some helpful input - keep up the good work! *sorry about grammar or other errors, english is not my first language and a little bit "rusty"* :)