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  1. @Frozen Death Knight Well, now I feel stupid. Did not even realize you could type in there. Thanks!
  2. +1. I don't want to go bigger, I want to go smaller, but the small sizes are too small, like icons. Ideally, I'd like to just set the res. Otherwise, I'd like to see half size, third, etc.
  3. It actually is. I ran all my tests with aa off. If I upload with Firefox, it looks bad in both Firefox and Chrome. If I upload with Chrome, it looks good in both Firefox and Chrome. That is too weird. Well, I'm glad to know it's not AD then, and at least we can do the coverage map thing. Thank you to everyone who replied and took the time to test this out.
  4. Well, now I'm really confused because I just dusted off Illustrator CS4, made some text, exported a PNG with anti-aliasing disabled, and it still looks bad in the preview.
  5. @Jowday I uploaded your bicubic_flat file to Teespring, and it did not look great. The text and circle is jagged.
  6. They both look roughly the same because you were in design mode. I can tell because of the red outline. You have to actually click the preview button to get an accurate representation. The preview is how it will look when the listing is created. When a user zooms in on the shirt in the listing, the jaggies will be especially apparent. Like I said, other shirts I've looked at don't have this problem and even small fonts will look nice and crisp because they can turn off anti-aliasing in whatever app they use to export the image.
  7. I posted an AD source file and what it looks like on Teespring when uploaded on a t-shirt. This is a 12.4" x 14.9" document at 300 dpi. Exported as PNG, this is 3720 x 4470 px. You can see on the font (Slackey from google fonts) and circle that it's jagged around the edges. If you look at other shirts on Teespring, they do not have this problem. This is exported with the default PNG bilinear, but all resampling algorithms come out jagged on Teespring. Thank you for looking into it. example.afdesign
  8. I'm having the same problem. My designs look horrible next to others. Honestly, I'm shocked this is an issue. I love AD and have been using it for years, but just started getting into print-on-demand work where it hasn't been going well at all. They all want PNG files, not vectors. I tried exporting with every type of PNG resampling AD offers and all result in jagged designs. Here is the page on Teespring that talks about anti-aliasing. We desperately need this in AD: https://community.teespring.com/training-center/design-file-tips-best-practices/
  9. Would also like the clone tool in AD. I'd pay extra to combine Photo and Designer into one comprehensive thing. I also miss having control over the separate channels.
  10. Is there a way to have editable text when exporting to PSD? I wasn't having any luck, at least in CS4 Illustrator and Photoshop.
  11. Ok, that works. Thanks. The problem I was running into was that I pulled the combined shape out of the symbol and put it on its own layer. That seems to implicitly make it a symbol layer, but it doesn't show up in the symbols pane. If that's confusing I can make a screenshot to try and explain it better.
  12. Thanks for the fast reply! That's interesting because I did start out with a symbol to create that shape, but once I got what I wanted I selected the individual shapes and combined them. Then I deleted all other symbols in my project. Is there a way to de-symbolize?
  13. The reason is because AD assigns a width and a height to the SVG of "100%". Firefox does not allow % for width and height in a canvas. I found this info on a stackoverflow question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38106906/canvas-drawimage-inline-svg-doesnt-work-on-firefox After removing the %, it worked. And even the w3schools's article on SVGs does not include a % or any other unit: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html5_svg.asp Chrome renders it just fine. Again, this is for canvas only. Firefox will render the SVG as is just fine when it's simply pasted into some HTML. But if you try to render it in Firefox inside a canvas, it does not render the SVG.
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