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  1. +1. More then 2 years wait answer to this question(( Please, comment this.
  2. iriskin

    Web preview

    Sorry that the team does not hear us(( For many years, users have been asking for a solution to this problem. Many web designers refuse the AD for this reason.
  3. iriskin

    Affinity Viewer

    Yes! that would be a cool solution to teamwork
  4. If you read this post, vote here please: https://avocode.uservoice.com/forums/277080-feature-voting/suggestions/6996140-add-affinity-graphic-design-tool https://zeplin.uservoice.com/forums/255350-got-any-suggestions/suggestions/8480671-support-for-affinity-designer I love Affinity Designer and Photo - this is amazing tools. Integration for AD - is the only thing that is missing. Correct export to PSD (text layer) - is alternative to integration. But it's not as good as integration.
  5. For more than 3 years, issues of integration with these services have been regularly opened. Do you have any news on this? Maybe there will be an app from Affinity (Affinity Viewer) or another solution? Work without these tools has impossible. We can't work with many frontend developers (
  6. +1 for Zeplin support. We can't send AD project to frontend developers who don't have AD((
  7. very uncomfortably without this Keyboard shortcut! Add this shortcut in future version, please!
  8. Hello! I can't see the size of my selection on the Info panel (Transform Panel) in Affinity Designer. Sorry, i can't correct topic theme
  9. О! You right! Sorry, i'm beginner user Affinity Designer ) Thank!
  10. MEB, thank you for answer. I think Clone/Stamp is important tool for most tasks and simple operations (no editing photo) . I try use full version Affinity Designer for Web/UI design and i need this tools (clone/normal magic wand) for comfortable work. Now I have to use two products for some action. But I still really like the Affinity :) I hope that these tools will be in Affinity Designer later.
  11. Hello! How i can free transform selected area in Affinity Designer? I'm attaching gif with example in Adobe Photoshop.
  12. Hello! Help me find Clone Brush Tool (analog Clone Stamp Tool in Photoshop) in Affinity Designer, please ? Or how can I implement this tool in Affinity Designer?
  13. This problem only on active document.
  14. I cant't find Select/Selection from layer in Affinity Designer. This menu i have seen only in Affinity Photo. I got true result after those steps: 1) Create pen path (pen has a fill) 2) Rasterise layer width pen path 3) Use "select brush tool" or "Select/Select simpled colour" It's very uncomfortable. A many lot of actions. Why Affinity Designer don't have context menu or button "Make Selection"(from pen path) in Pixel Personal mode :( May be i dont't have experience in Affinity Designer.