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  1. Hi there, This morning I was greeted with a New Update window of Affinity Photo. I installed this version, but when I start it nothing happens. I tried to remove Affinity Photo from my computer with settings/apps from Windows 10 itself. When I then clicked the affinity-photo-1.7.0.exe filea small window with UPDATE Affinity Photo version was shown. This didn't work either. How do I get Photo running on my Windows 10. Designer works... Regards. Guy F.
  2. Hi There, I wonder if there's a way to create a Photochrom effect that can be applied to a existing picture. The proces is explained here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photochrom Thanks for reading Guy Forssman
  3. Yes I just saw a movie on Youtube, it's not the same as my former program nor as fast and intuitive,
  4. Hi there, as a lot of your newer users, I use(d) lightroom 5.7.1 to develop my pictures. Some of the features still draw me to the product which we will not name again. For instance I could lay a gradient which lowered the exposure. that Graduated Filter didn't only work for exposure. is there something in Affinity Foto?
  5. Hi Thank you for the advice, I definitely have a look at the solutions you gave me. The code you wrote didn't open in AD or in mapbox but I could see final result fine in chrome. Pity it didn't resemble the file I included, but I certainly start messing around with the code itself Kind Regards Guy Forssman
  6. Hi There, My favourite web based map creator (mapbox) changed from using png to svg. Is there a script/function to read 1,2 or 4 pixel based color/form reader and transform this to squares/cirkels? Or is there a way to create this halftone easily Thanks in advance
  7. I need this .... Is there a update when it will be implemented
  8. Hi There, I have a jpg picture (the right one) which I would like to copy the fill pattern from. The squares are 1px*1px I'm doing it manually now but is there a better way. (function,script) kind regards Guy forssman
  9. Forssux

    Batch import runs forever

    Thanks for the reply
  10. I did a batch import of 179 jpg pictures but it runs forever. The very first import yesterday I did a mistake and tried to cancel, Affinity gave a warning it couldn't close. I hate it when programs ask to stay on, so I showed who's the bos and killed the job with task manager. However even after rebooting only some of the pictures are done the majority of the rest stays running for ever it seems. CPU is above 95%
  11. Forssux

    Radial Filter

    How does a blur helps with a sunlight beam onto a face?