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  1. This exactly. I can confirm the X-1a setting converts my file to CMYK as expected, including the RGB TIFF.
  2. Maybe this goes into "unexpected behaviour": I have a document in CMYK that I want to export to a CMYK PDF. A linked or embedded RGB TIFF is not converted, even if I select "Colour Space: CMYK" and the proper profile in the PDF export settings. In my opinion, it should convert to CMYK if the colour space is set, and it should not convert if "As document" is active in "Colour space". macOS 10.14.5, Publisher
  3. Follow-up: after some checking I found out that it's a font-related issue, possibly with Linotype FontExplorer. I had to disable and re-enable the font – now everything behaves as expected.
  4. I don't know if this classifies as a bug, but PDF exports from the same file with the same settings under 10.11 and 10.12 produce different results. In this case, text in files exported under 10.12 can't be selected & copied, neither in Acrobat and Preview.

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