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    DrPocter reacted to m4nticore in New Logo Please!   
    I've done these to match the other icons I've on my Yosemite's dock  :P

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    DrPocter reacted to ronnyb in Affinity Apps as Personas   
    I like the idea of all apps pooling their tools and personas into a common workspace....
    the meta-persona might make sense in terms of grouping similar tools and workflow, i.e., i might not need all the pre-press functionality of APub when sketching and painting illustrations and call outs....
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    DrPocter got a reaction from ronnyb in Duplicate with arrow keys   
    Absolutely, forgot to mention the Shift key! And you're right, I'm doing the Alt-Shift-Right then Left dance all, the, time.
    So, that makes us two then! :)
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