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  1. Yeah, but thats the issue. The connection to the server does not break. And we work with many other programs directly on the files on the server without issue. Rhino, Revit, Office, Blender, Atom, Scribus etc... Affinity apps copy the file to a temp location on the local machine while editing them and only upload to the server on save, right? I'm also perplexed as to why it would just cut all ropes and abandon ship if it lost the connection for a second. Can it not reconnect? It has happened quite a few times and now also with the Publisher Beta. Which is a bit of a hastle with the workaround of copying the file down manually as we would need to copy all the shared images on the server as well as they are linked into publisher. Is there any way we can help to pin point this issue and solve it?
  2. Hi! Is it possible or could it be made possible to toggle "show image borders"? As of now you have to select the image to show the border but for layout purposes it would be nice to skim though the document and see that everything is nicely lined up without having to select everything. Best regards. Ejnar
  3. Hi Affinity. We are having a great time using your three programs at our office. Great work. At late we are experiencing some small paper cuts though. One which has happened a few times is if the connection to our server where the file is stored is lost. In this case affinity prompts that it cant get access to the file and must therefore close the file leaving an autosaved copy. The original file is corrupted and can only be deleted not overwritten. Would it be possible to just give the user an option to save the document somewhere else instead of closing it? Or even reevaluate/retry the access from the prompt? All the best. Ejnar Brendsdal ARKI Architects, Norway.
  4. +10 for scale around point. Affinity programs have so many nice workflows which are better than the competition. Its annoying that when you present the programs to people using other programs these papercuts often cut deeper than the other features impress...
  5. I would like to add my voice to this. I respect that you have a vision and a limited scope of development. It has brought you very far and your applications are wonderful. The boundary between the desktop and the touch device is blurring though. And your approach to touch friendly interface on the iPad has really set your apps apart from the competition. It would be a pitty not to utilize what great potential you have unlocked in that on the windows version as the windows world is moving towards touchsentric workflows as well. I have the iPad version of both your apps but I have to migrate to a surface pro to use other software that is not Mac compatible. I would greatly appreciate it if you could at least reconsider future streamlining for touch interfaces on windows now that you have found some good experience with it on the Mac platform. Thanks for the hard work so far. Best regards Ehnar Brendsdal
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