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  1. Hi, attached setup files from Affinity Setup directory, i hope your can me help. Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log Setup.log
  2. Hi Jon, a setupui.log file is unfortunately not available on C :. I It already breaks off when running the installer and does not install the log-file. Message: Affinity Installer stops working. greetings Dieter
  3. Hi Rick, unfortunately, no success. Can it possibly prevent a registry entry. The installation of the final version is possible, so it should be due to the installer, which is different than the final version. Does anyone have any idea what I can taste. Greetings Dieter
  4. Hi, the beta version 109 and 112 can not be installed with me (win 7). Message: Affinity Installer stops working - it is looking for a solution to the problem. What can I do?? Have already deleted all betas and also the user, program directories with beta directory. Maybe someone has a solution for me. Greetings Dieter
  5. Hi R C-R, great macro, gives very nice drawings. Thank you for sharing. Greetings Dieter
  6. Hi Chris_K, yes that would be glad, because the path you mentioned is quite complicated. Greetings Dieter
  7. Hello, I have a problem with the pictures from the LUMIX FZ1000. In the single-RAW development, the vignetting is ok, but if I combine 3 RAW files via HDR put together probably the camera correction is not applied. See hard copies. I think this is a bug and should be corrected. This applies to all charging functions HDR, focus, etc. Greetings Dieter All Pictures with New Version:
  8. Hi Mark, great the lens correction with the Lumix FZ1000 works again. Exposure + -5, top. Thanks for the good work. My installation is ok. Dieter
  9. Hi Chris, thanks for the information. The problem is still included in the last 2 betas .98 and .99. I hope the problem soon finds a solution, even with a file from the old Dieter
  10. Hi Photo Team, an important feature for me is the lens correction for the camera Panasonic FZ1000 (RW2), especially since this has worked in version (see picture). With conversion to version this did not work then and the beta does not work either. So any change must have happened on your part, that is so. If you could bring them back up please, z.b. the old correction file is also available via PM. I had already complained several times, but received no answers from Serif. I just want it to work again !!! Help please. Excuse my bad English
  11. Hi, the file with the underscore at the beginning are images in the Adobe color space. The without stroke is RGB. Is with Panasonic / Lumix so, depending on the selection. Greetings Dieter
  12. Hi, I have seen that the Panasonic cameras in their list are under LEICA, this is wrong, then the lens correction (for example FZ1000) not work. Please correct this. Leica Digilux 2 & Compatible (Standard) 3.933 Yes No No DMC-FX7 & compatible (standard) 6.05 Yes No No DMC-FZ10 & compatible (standard) 5.84 Yes No No DMC-FZ200 & compatible (standard) 5.56 Yes Yes No DMC-FZ28 & compatible (standard) 5.6 Yes No No DMC-FZ3 & compatible (standard) 7.6 Yes No No DMC-FZ30 & compatible (standard) 4.73 Yes No No DMC-FZ5 & Compatible (Standard) 6.0 Yes No No DMC-LX1 & compatible (standard) 4.45 Yes No No DMC-LX100 & compatible 2.21 Yes Yes Yes DMC-LX3 & Compatible (Standard) 4.7 Yes No No DMC-LX5 & Compatible (Standard) 4.71 Yes No No DMC-LX7 & compatible (standard) 5.1 Yes No Yes DMC-LZ2 & compatible (standard) 6.06 Yes No No DMC-TZ100 & compatible 2.75 Yes Yes No DMC-TZ71 & compatible 5.58 Yes Yes No Elmarit-M 1: 2,8 / 28 1.0 Yes No No Elmarit-M 1: 2,8 / 90 1.0 Yes No No FZ1000 & compatible 2.73 Yes Yes No FZ150 & compatible 5.56 Yes Yes No Greetings Dieter
  13. Hi Mark, I uploaded 1 RAW + JPG ooc. Camera Panasonic FZ1000. Have a lot of white and shadow contrasts - snow and shadow. I hope you can use it. Greeting Dieter
  14. Hello, you can also use the shortcuts z.b. in the View panel - View Studio. At first you can not remember all the shortcuts. It would be great if all assigned cuts in the respective menus are also displayed. Yours Dieter
  15. Hi IndigoMoon, thanks for the tip. I had suspected the shortcut under view and not found. I did not look for anything different. Thank you for your help. Dieter
  16. Hello, how can one call the library over keyboard shortcuts - I do not find this in the shortcuts. Because you often need the library - eg. the macro - this should be added please. Thank you Dieter
  17. Hello, that's a very helpful macro. Especially for use in batch mode. Thanks for that. Dieter
  18. Hello, again the question. If the camera correction also works with the Panasonic FZ1000, it is included in the list of supported cameras. If not, when is this to be expected or what fixed, automatic correction option is there then. Lens correction is switched on. Now that the Shadow / Lights feature has been improved, I would also use APh as a RAW development. I hope for answers. Greats Dieter
  19. Hi, my Panasonic FZ1000 shows in the RAW development always a vignette. In the list it is listed but no effect. Is the camera and the lens not available as a correction? I hope you can adjust that. Greats Dieter
  20. Hi, good idea. Would save a lot of work. Greetings Dieter
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