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    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Affinity Team: A belated but thoroughly deserved recognition. The hard work has paid off. I have been off the grid for a while, so this award is a heartening accolade to return to.
  2. Hi, I bought AD over the weekend and can't seem to find how I get the https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/free-ui-kit/ Can anyone assist. Thanks.
  3. TechniSmart

    Affinity Designer Workbook

    Well the same thing happened to me. I placed the order online and the system accepted it immediately, or so I thought. It was a standard shipping fee something like you said. Then a human in Affinity Orders department obviously realized the delivery address is not U.K., but they had accepted the order to be delivered to the French Caribbean islands. The following day they refunded the full amount. I finished up having to order it on Amazon in the US and ship it internally in the U.S. to the freight forwarder in Miami, then fly it out to the islands, then have it delivered to my door. That cost me around $US100. I would say after seeing this magnificent volume, the ADW is worth every cent and I would do it again in a heart beat once the APW hit the presses. Also, the book got pretty banged up along the way. Michael
  4. Hi Photomo, I can't say for Windows and you don't say which version, but: Sounds like a corrupt download. Do integrity test on archive file. Failing that you could rename the file and redownload it, and then compare the CRC checksums by right clicking on file and choose CRC SHA (at least thats what my Windows 10 menu has). Michael
  5. TechniSmart

    Warp needs work

    I can confirm this. The mesh warp tool locked up on me once I had a lot of nodes and hit apply. Michael
  6. TechniSmart

    AD/AP Crashes when/during computer goes/is idle

    Hi, We have the same OS version and I have no such problem. Have you tried unchecking require password after sleep in Security & Privacy under General tab just as an experiment? Also, there's no harm in downloading the the Betas. You still have the production version installed and see if the problems persists. Michael
  7. Hey Jon Try affinityorders@serif.com and they can resend the link. Michael
  8. I just decided to get an entry graphics tablet. I do a little photo retouching with APh, and some of my design work in AD is quite repetive, so I can see a tablet with express keys coming in handy. Does anyone have experience with the UGEE M1000L it's a 4000 lpi. made by Huion, a smaller model to the popular 1060 Plus (5080 lpi). [EDITED] The deal was ending, so I just bought it anyway. Pease still respond, as I am still interested in members' observations and/or experiences. Is this tablet enough to get my feet wet? I have a 13" MacBook, but plan to get a 27" iMac soon. Would this size tablet be ok for MacBook for now? Also, are there any unique features of the Wacom Intuos models that I would not get with this model that I may find useful with AD and/or AP? To advanced revellers: compliments of the new year Michael [EDIT] updated
  9. TechniSmart

    What tablet do I use

    You make a good point Alfred. In the interests of transparency I will do it your way. So, what do you think of the tablet? It reaches me Monday, as everything comes here in container ships. Do you have any experience with the nibs? Michael
  10. TechniSmart

    What tablet do I use

    Hi @SrPx The 27 inch iMac 5K just arrived. (see specs below) The vendor for the refurbished Wacom stuck it on back order, so I cancelled it and got this Wacom on ebay. What do you think of it for mainly logo vector design work? I know its kind of smallish for drawing, but photo retouching is just something I may try out of curiosity--definitely not my bread and butter. Also, the small tablet may be more suitable for travel with my I will travel with it and want to fit it in with my 13" MackBook Pro. After reading your comment on nibs and I asked the seller he said it is the original one that came with it and it in perfect condition, but he lost the pen holder which usually has the nib remover and an assortment of nibs inside. I am thinking the hard felt nib set with the code Wacom ACK-20003 Do you think one standard nib will be enough for a while? They are cheap enough. I, like you am looking to AD 1.6 with brush stabilization. It will interesting to see how The Wacom works on wireless. Affinity have a few of them in the office and they said lag is not an issue with Affinity software. I guess this would be more about whether the drivers are buggy. As long as tilt and pressure work, it should be fine. Finally, I really appreciate your good advice, and have taken it. What do you think? Michael
  11. Since really exploring Affinity products, I decided it's time I put my MacBook Pro aside and get something that AD and APh can really take advantage of the core features of the latest hardware. What would be your model choice, screen size, most helpful peripherals/accessories? Of course budget has to come into it, but I am more interested in the right equipment to get work out without being extravagant and wasteful. Thanks for your replies. Michael
  12. Hi Mike and others who replied. Here is what I got. iMac Retina 5K, 27 inch, Late 2015, 3.2Ghz i5, 8GB 1867Mhz DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 M380 2GB; 1TB HDD, it came with El Capitan, so I upgraded it to macOS Sierra 10.12.3 I am totally on board with your configuration Mike. Instead of a good refurb, $1780 got me a late 2015, brand new but it's still a current and supported model. The 2 x 4GB is a bit lame, but I will add 2 x 8GB and should be ready to rock and roll. Also found a used Wacom Intuos 5 (small) + wireless kit on eBay and its on the way. I asked on another thread about wireless lag with the Wacom and Affinity say they have some wireless ones and they work fine. What is your experience or do you suggest I use USB? Michael
  13. I sent an email to affinityorders@serif.com and they sorted it. Michael
  14. I ordered a slightly used Wacom Intuos5 touch Small Tablet with pen, cable and wireless kit for $140 from a graduating Arts student. Does it sound like a good buy? Being a lefty I noticed Wacom's tablets can be flipped around and software switched. I know Huion has handedness settings but I still don't fancy rotating the tablet and have the labels upside down. My only concern is whether it will lag on wireless with AD or APh? I recall reading somewhere that USB cable is preferred. Can you advise me. Have Affinity staff got inhouse experience with this model (PTH-451) Thanks Michael
  15. Hey Miguel, The above link refers to Windows. Is it the same for Apple? Thanks Michael I
  16. TechniSmart

    Introduce Yourself

    Hi Gabriel, welcome to Affinity. A wolf sounds like a very cool pet. Enjoy the forum. Michael
  17. TechniSmart

    What tablet do I use

    Hello @SrPx, np :) As you see I got the Wacom Intuos5 Touch (PTH-451). It has all the features I want: touch feature, touch ring; 2048 pressure levels (who can tell the difference) lefty-friendly; wireless kit(a bonus maybe); pen eraser; pen tilt. I could only find a small one. Hopefully it plays nicely with AD and APh. Once I get the 27" iMac 5K Retina, I am sure the medium tablet would be better. If you have any thoughts on AD and APh with the tablet setup, I would welcome your tips. Thanks for all your advice, Michael
  18. TechniSmart

    What tablet do I use

  19. TechniSmart

    What tablet do I use

    Hi @SrPx, Where did you post that? I have never seen it. No I am not spamming. I created this post and to this date have received no answer, but the same content was posted twice, so I asked the moderators to close one. The Ugee arrived a little over a week ago, and it will stay in the family. My wife is enjoying the bundled drawing programs it came with. I will review it for use with AD and APh soon. That said, your responses to me in this thread above have been really helpful and insightful. I dn't afford the Intuos Pro, so I bought a manufacturer refurbished Wacom Creative Pen & Touch (CTH-480) Small, but I take your point about using it on a large display. My 27" iMac is the coming in a few months, so I should be aware of the pros and cons of each tablet by then. Thanks for taking the considerable time to reply. Michael
  20. TechniSmart

    Tablet Recommendation for Novice

    Which Wacoms in the medium size have the tilt sensitivity? Michael
  21. TechniSmart

    What tablet do I use

    Ronnie, I just read this post tonight, and ironically my UGEE M1000L arrived this afternoon. The this ing is , I posted a question on tablets weeks ago and 176 members read it, but not one replied HERE. it is. IThe Ugee seems similar to the Huion 610 (same manufacturer with some badge engineering I believe). It is my first foray into the world of tablets, and I can easily see how they make work more efficient. But I ran into a real practical problem: I am a left hand writer and the buttons are on the left, so for me to use it I have to cross over with my right hand--picture that sight. From what I can see all flat tablets have their programmable keys on the left. So is there a model you can recommend with software buttons that are movable? Or are all us south paws out in the cold as far as tablets? Michael
  22. Text is C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=100 by default Click on text object, double click to select text and look at Color tab in studio panel on right. Make sure CMYK is your chosen colorspace in the drop down list. Michael