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  1. You mean something like creating an arched path and placing text along it? So something like this?
  2. Cloners Hey, this cloners feature is the one I missed the most, especially the along the path cloner. Started already to write some short user stories by myself to add it as feature request. This would ease some techniques a lot where you have to struggle now with the Power Duplicate feature (it's better than simple Copy&Paste plus moving objects, but still a bigger step away from being really "powerful"). Plus this feature has big potential for further enhancements. You could even start with a small subset of the functionality you describe to give a big benefit to the user and then add the rest step by step. Plus there are already objects and mechanisms you can use for this. Symbols objects appears to have been made for this. So I would fully support this feature request. Layers IMHO this is more a personal style question. In AD you dont have to have any layers at all, just leave them and you have your pure object view. I use layers to group objects and like the small thumbs. Easy the get the right layer then, I would really miss it, if it's gone...
  3. AFAIK point 30 is already possible. You might check layer -> <the point above "rasterize..."> (I don't know the English name, I have a German language version. Should be something like "Expand contour")
  4. Came across Affinity Designer a week ago in an online article (heise.de, German media). It looked very interesting, but I'm not a professional in art, just an ambitious amateur. The price was just below the better-have-second-thought limit, so I just pressed the button ;) And what should I say, I'm completely convinced that it was worth it! The app is powerful, intuitive and really easy to use. Keep up the good work! I finished now the first vector drawing I ever did and I'm almost satisfied with the result. Base was a pencil sketch, the drawing is done completely with shapes and curves - no pixel adjustments needed. The piece is the starting point for bigger personal project I have in mind for a longer time - and maybe I will finish it now that I have the tools ;). I missed there a tool to place a shape or curve along a path. This would've gave much more flexibility when doing the strokes than the power copy. Didn't found it in the Feature Request Index nor on the Feature Roadmap. Is it already there and I just missed it in the app or is not recognized as an "official" Feature Request so far?
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