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  1. Hi Will you ever add text warp style like in illustrator and photoshop, beacuse we need this to our projects :/ It's too hard to make always text on curve ? Text warp styles such as: Fish eye, arch, bulge, shell, flag, wave,
  2. MazeDesigner

    Text Archs

    Yea this would be increadible idea !
  3. MazeDesigner

    3D dynamic chart with Affinity Designer

    Hey man i have a question how you add this adjusetment and final result ? :)
  4. MazeDesigner

    3D dynamic chart with Affinity Designer

    How you do this :o ? Tutorial please :D
  5. MazeDesigner

    Text archs

    I know i can do this like this, but I mean something like in illustrator :) You using archs in text and you can modify this as you want
  6. MazeDesigner

    Text Archs

    I think add archs to text would be nice idea ;)
  7. Hey where I can add arch to text :) ? Is there option like this ?
  8. MazeDesigner


    In photoshop, there is a function where mockup opens in new "layer" and you add design and save this there is no function like this ? :/ Soory next thread i will add in Questions & Feedback
  9. Hey how I can open mockups in Affinity Designer ? :)