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  1. THANK YOU. I am sorry to have been on this. But it was REALLY bugging me. Now I understand the principles. I really appreciate the help thank you.
  2. Ok so the solution then is have fixed pixel alignment but have 2/3 decimal place. When I see non-integer values in the design I fix them to integer values. Then the slices I create will behave and do what is expected of them.
  3. @GabrielM So I was doing the right thing and had the right idea - I wasn't being a complete idiot. The problem is I was introducing other files/images which had non-integer values and that has screwed up the whole document especially since I have zero decimal places and so I can't see those non-integer values. Would this be the correct reasoning? If so it makes complete sense and so now I can figure out the problem.
  4. @GabrielM Ok thanks, it is beginning to make sense. So in my file what made my whole integer numbers become non-integer? Was it the introduction of the raster image. Since I was working mostly with vectors I am confused why it would suddenly add decimal places to my shapes when I am working with fix pixels. So the correct settings is to have multiple decimal places selected. Now I had an issue with this not so long ago - where I was getting the exact same problem (slices not aligning to exact size of image). However since affinity rounds up or down to the nearest full pixel for raster images - maybe that is what is going wrong on my end!!! Can you do me a favour. Delete all the slices for the artboard called 'design-corner'. Then create 6 new slices from the export persona via the layers tab. I want to see if the slices are created exactly with your settings (ie do the slices match the size of the image). I keep getting errors. Thank you.
  5. @GabrielM Thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate the help. Could you please kindly explain what affinity is actually doing so I can understand. I am obviously getting the settings and the way things are created completely wrong. Pretend I am an idiot (well I'm pretty sure we don't need to do too much pretending) but it would be nice to understand what is happening. What are non-integer values for example? Do you mean they have decimal places (how are you able to see this information? Thanks
  6. @GabrielM Thanks for getting back to me. I have uploaded the file to the dropbox link above. The reason I have decimal place set to zero is because I thought working in absolute solid pixels would make this issue go away. If I am dealing with vector images from the start - why would split pixels be an issue? I was having this same issue when I set my settings to two decimal place - so it didn't make any difference. Either way if it is my settings are wrong I would really appreciate trying to understand what I am doing wrong and how to fix it. Thanks for the help
  7. Hi @GabrielM Having continued to play around with this issue as above for the last few months. I am getting this issue on every single document I create. The slices that export persona create never cover the exact area of the image I am trying to export. It is always off. When I manually adjust the slice with the transform tool to be exactly the same size as the image - the slice is still off. It decides to overlap by half a pixel. Every time I create an image with a black background there is always a thin white line on the image. This is becoming increasingly frustrating because I am using hours to auto create every upload. I would greatly appreciate it if this can be taken to the developers to fully understand what this issue is. I am convinced it is a bug. Thanks for your time. https://www.loom.com/share/a7d06d58b4bf4e598080714f69aa627e
  8. @walt.farrell sorry for the delay to your response as well. Although I understand you point and I agree - I actually think it is much better to work with solid pixels and have zero decimal place. Obviously this counts for opening the document with that setting to make sure it is applied throughout that piece of work. I have had similar problems (you viewed that thread I made here too) where the export persona was creating the same problems as I am having here. But it was fixed by reducing my pixel decimal place to zero (I believe from) two decimal places. Like you say it is easy to get lost if the decimal places are large. I hope this makes sense. Thanks
  9. @GabrielM Thanks for the post and apologies for the delay. Two things is the PDF acrobat reader - please see this video that clearly highlights the issue and it is my opinion it has nothing to do with the PDF reader but affinity uploading it to the PDF as you will see in the video - https://www.useloom.com/share/b03e6cecd0e44af2b825ac8b1dad4410 Second is your video. Do you know why this is an issue and what is causing this? It seems to be very 'hacky' to have to do this every time I use affinity designer. In addition I genuinely think this is a bug or some settings I have that is screwing me around. Where would the best place be to post a bug query to finally get to the bottom of this? Ok I appreciate your help and time - thank you.
  10. @GabrielM Hi thanks for the response. I just opened an old project I did for a client and a similar issue is occurring. I would suggest this is a problem with the software. A bug has come in perhaps. This project I haven't touched for approx a year and never faced this problem. I have uploaded the project via PDF and white lines are appearing on the edges of all the pages - suggesting the clipping of the layers is off again. I have uploaded these files to your dropbox because again they are too large. I have to know what is going on or if I am doing something stupid. I can't continue using affinity with this issue - perhaps I should write a proper support ticket - what do you suggest? Thanks I am not sure what you mean by removing the clipping mask (in the previous example). I haven't used any clipping masks. Do you mean the watermark over the images layers? Thanks for your time.
  11. Hi @walt.farrell thanks for raising this point. It was a similar reason to why I had a problem with it before. Now though I believe it must be a bug or I have some hidden feature turned on. I mean the level the pixel persona is 'out' in creating slices is, at times, enormous. I have fixed pixel on, I have decimal place to 1 in settings. On the transform panel everything is a solid pixel (no decimal points). I have even done this for every single layer in an object.
  12. @GabrielM Can you clarify what you mean by closing it please?
  13. @neilbaldwin Very interesting observation. Thanks for the info. Thinking about my issue - it is certainly the case with mine because this problem arose with my third artboard that I created. The first two artboards did not seem to have a problem. One or two slices where out - but not a huge issue to fix. This current problem was occurring on every single slice and not just one side (but multiple sides of one slice could be out). Some pictures had 200-300px a blank white space added.
  14. @GabrielM Ok all the files have been uploaded now. Thank you for your help in advance.
  15. @GabrielM ok nice I have uploaded 3 images and the af file to your dropbox link. I made sure the images I used are the various formats I have used - PDF, jpeg and tiff. Each images represents one of those different files types. Thanks Ps Upload is taking some time.