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  1. People need to learn that you cannot cram in every single option of other software wich took 30 years to evolve in a first edition. It takes time to implement these features and test them. Of course I want a product that has it all in it's first incarnation but this is not realistic. In other words, how much is Serif willing to implement in the first version and what will roll over to version 2, wich will take time... Most posts in this forum are about suggestions and so called necessary features and all think it has priority...Do you see the dilemma?! Wich to implement f
  2. Preflight: https://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/using/preflighting-files-handoff.html Better check before saving! If I recall correctly, the preflight options on older versions had the option to package in the preflight tool.
  3. I put it in the Affinity Photo forum first but then realized it's needed for the whole suite as well, hence the second request to make it available to the whole suite.
  4. Jpeg 9.1 is available and has many advantages over the old standard. Incorporating this new file format(codec) might be a great selling point over other software as no-one has incorporated it into professional software yet.
  5. The new Jpeg 9.1 file format(codec) has some hugh advantages over the old standard. Will you guys incorporate support for this new format into the Affinity Suite? I mean, lossless compression, 12 bit, HDR, etc. is something very nice to have.
  6. Would certainly welcome support of the Astute Graphics suite of plug-ins.
  7. Use the tools you need, it doesn't mean Publisher isn't good enough for other people.
  8. PDF's are mainly used for output and transport to a printing facility. This was stated by Adobe quite clearly. If you want to save all settings, you should save in the appropriate format. This goes for the Affinity trinity as well. If you convert, some settings are lost!
  9. With application sets you can make a set that will be activated for that specific application. So you can make a set of fonts specifaclly for affinity designer for a certain project and activate those fonts in suitcase fusion. It's the next best thing next to auto-activation.
  10. Auto activation only for some Adobe products. But there is a workaround build in for programs that can't be used with auto activation, so it is still quite simple to activate fonts. I use it for years now and the latest version is very fast and well designed UI. It's one of the best font managers out there. I put in a request to support the affinity products for auto activation a long time ago, so, who knows.
  11. Stopped upgrading after cs6. No subscription for me and I am one of the first batch users of Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and now also Publisher beta.
  12. Unfortunately Dentra is not free, it's $15. Thanks for the list. You can't have enough fonts, LOL. @MrDoodlezz I use Suitcase fusion 8.
  13. There are specilized programs for this to turn a pdf into a flipbook and post on a website. here are a few: https://www.pdf-flip.com/PDF-Flip-Pricing.html https://www.instantflipbook.com/ https://www.yumpu.com/en
  14. Is there a posibility that there will be more languages available for the UI in the Affinity trilogy? It might be important to increase sales. If you need people to translate into more localized languages, I am game. Willing to translate to my native language.
  15. There are some hints of wich to use. If it states "anwendung" then it's an exe file. He got more then one in that folder also different version numbers. He might have accidently coupled an affinity Photo file to excel? So excel will try to open that file ? If he clicked open with in Windows(10) and coupled excel then that program will try to open that file.
  16. As Alfred said. MyFonts.com has regular discounts on bundles, like Monotype bundles etc.
  17. No, image trace is planned for a 2.0 release for Designer, also arrows and such are on the roadmap.
  18. If you want to buy fonts, have a look at this one: https://www.myfonts.com/home
  19. Hmm, found out that Acrobat pro is by far the best for converting pdf to docx format.
  20. I am quite sure that registered users of Affiniry Photo or Designer will get an email about the beta being released!
  21. It won't be perfect at all at the first launch because it won't incorporate all the features people want now... I am more then happy if it does all the basics very well.
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