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  1. Sorry about my weak description of what I am trying to do. Here in a nutshell is what I am trying to do. I think Sima has figured out my problem for me. I appreciate it greatly for all your answers. I have some images of xmas ornaments. They have been all saved at different sizes etc. For my project, I am trying to crop a portion of the images to 1080x1920 pixels. The 300dpi came from my desire to print the final images that have been cropped from the original images.Thanks again for all the help. Jim
  2. Thank you for all the speedy responses. They were tremendously helpful.
  3. Fellow Forum Followers ! I need an answer to an easy problem that I can't seem to wrap my brain around. I have a few dozen images that all need the same help so here goes. I want to crop a section out of an image that for example is 1080pixels by 1920pixels.Each of the images are different sizes and I am not interested in making the whole image fit, just a piece of it. I want to end up with my cropped piece of the image to be at 300dpi at the 1080x1920 pixels. What is the easiest way to accomplish this easy task ? I have watched video after video and I didn't see what I needed. Thanks in advance, Jim
  4. I don't know whether to curse you or thank you. I gave my bride a new iPad Pro to replace her previous version. She had been laboring through Lightroom for a couple years. Now I have Affinity Photo loaded on her new iPad and this woman is going nuts with all that Affinity will do for her images. She has taken to Affinity 100% and has even offered to stop microwaving our dinners. Thanks again, JP
  5. My old man eyes are not very good anymore but I can't see a new project. What am I doing wrong ? JP
  6. At 300 DPI that would make a dandy 133x13 print. Ask them to mount it on 1/4" Masonite and you can cart it home sitting diagonally in the back of an 8ft. pick up truck bed. On a personal note, I have found people enjoy pano prints by standing a little further away then normal prints. Cheers, Jim
  7. I appreciate your rapid response. I watched the video a couple of times for a refresher. Thanks a bunch. Jim
  8. ‚ÄčI have recently made the switch from PS to AP and I have a question or two. Most of what I work on is scanning old family albums to digitize them and I am trying to work my way through 25,000 slides from my shooting days. Could someone give me a sequence of tasks to perform for most of these images ? I spend hours dust-spotting, fixing tears, and color balancing these old family treasures. The slide scanning is mostly dust spotting from years of storage. ‚ÄčThank you in advance, Jim
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