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    Bardo70 got a reaction from Blondiwem in affinity photo Unhandled Exception 0xC0000005 cannot start crash reporter   
    Hi, hope you guys can provide some help on this.

     I am using version, today they ap started crashing after using the selection brush. 


    I got the following error:

    affinity photo Unhandled Exception 0xC0000005

    there is also another window advising that he crash reporter cannot start.  I click OK on this last window but must close the error pop-up window (e.g. can’t click on OK, need to click on the x)


    As mention the first time it happened was when I used the selection brush (W), the second time after printing.


    The only thing I have change in the last few days was the printer, now using an Epson xp-960.



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    Bardo70 reacted to MEB in Further problem with Nik plug in   
    Hi Septimus,
    Thanks for your report. We are aware of the portrait issues in the Nik Collection plug-ins (as well as others - more info here - click on the plugin name for details).
    Regarding the cropping, this is because the crop in non-destructive in Affinity Photo, in other words it retains all the original image data until you rasterise the layer (in case you want to re-adjuts the crop later) and so seems it's sending all data to the plug-in. I will pass this to the dev team.
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    Bardo70 reacted to acapstick in LEGACY: Official Affinity Photo (Desktop) Video Tutorials   
    The Photo tutorials listed below have been refreshed and moved. Please see this new thread or use the Affinity site Photo Desktop tutorials webpage
    In support of our fantastic photo editing app, please use this comprehensive and structured set of videos for accelerated learning!
    The video tutorials are available on Vimeo and YouTube via these links:
    Vimeo - http://affin.co/PhotoVids
    YouTube - http://affin.co/photoyt

    We now have a specific Beginners Series of videos tailored to absolute beginners, with a more manageable pacing and focus on concepts and straightforward procedures. They all include subtitles to aid understanding.

    The tutorial set includes:

    Beginners Series
    Opening & Saving -  YouTube / Vimeo Layers - YouTube / Vimeo Adjustments - YouTube / Vimeo Filters - YouTube / Vimeo Exporting - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Discover Affinity Photo Getting Started Technical Benefits  
    Document Setup Layer Concepts Layers Overview Live Filter Layers Scaling and Transforming Cutting Out Understanding DPI Accessing Help  
    Document/Image Resizing Canvas Resizing Cropping: Practical Cropping: Aesthetic Straightening Images Cropping: Golden Spiral Cropping: Options Aligning Images  
    Selections and Masking
    Making Selections Refining Selections Pixel Selections from Layers Quick Masks Mask Layers Exposure Merging Clipping vs Masking Vector Masking Using Adjustment Layers on Masks - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Adjustment Layers Levels Curves Shadows/Highlights Split Toning and Selective Colour LAB Colour Mode Defringing and Chromatic Aberration Live Perspective Haze Removal FFT Denoise Removing Lens Flares Changing Eye Colour Graduated ND Filter Effect Salvaging Underexposed Images Dual Perspective Correction Perspective Skew Correction - YouTube / Vimeo (New: 20th April)  
    Cloning Inpainting Frequency Separation Liquify: Retouching Vector-Based Retouching Enhancing Landscapes/Architecture Vector Architecture: Worked Example Enhancing Camera Phone Photography Making Images Pop Revealing Sky Detail Bringing Out Water Detail Quick Inpainting Crooked Horizons - YouTube / Vimeo  
    RAW Development
    Raw: Discover Develop Raw: Developing Images Raw: Overlays Raw: Redeveloping Images Raw: Noise Reduction Maximising Raw Latitude Custom Tone Curve Raw Development Quality 32-bit Raw Development - YouTube / Vimeo Raw Colour Quality Automatic Lens Corrections Raw: Recovering Overexposed Highlights Raw: Exposure Bias  
    Getting Creative
    Lighting Creative Gradients Creative Black & White Sepia Images Brushes Blend Modes Blend Ranges Liquify Persona Sky Replacement Adding Borders Text: Branding/Watermarking Diffuse Glow Displacement Circular Bokeh Swirling Bokeh Simulating Ambient Occlusion Texturing with Blend Modes Creating Atmosphere Creating Light Beams Vector Lighting Simple Gradients Technicolor Emulation - YouTube / Vimeo Creative Painting Colour toning with shapes Infrared Emulation Radial Blur Regular Tone Mapping Compositing Landscapes Adding Extended Borders Creating Photo Collages Abstract Ideas #01 Abstract Ideas #02 Enhancing Low Light Trails Light Painting Compositing Tone Mapping Portraits HSL Tonal Separation - YouTube / Vimeo Orton Effect - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Design Aids
    Snapshots Modifiers Designer/Photo Interworking Pixel Accurate Design Placing Documents Useful Keyboard Shortcuts Non Destructive Inpainting and Cloning Layer Creation Behaviour Layer Nesting Exporting 3D LUTs LUTs for Tonal Adjustments View Points Global Cloning Subtle Toning Multiple Colour Formats Scopes Curves Picker Non-Destructive Dodge & Burn Flexible Defringing Edge Detection for Masking Split & Mirror View Batch Processing Clone Sources Pixel Art Resize Direct PSD write-back (round tripping) Freehand Selection Tool Undo History Importing .abr Brushes Undo Brush with Snapshots Quick Toggling Panels - YouTube / Vimeo Light UI - YouTube / Vimeo Brush Stabilisation - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Channels Channels for Alpha Masking Channels: Creating/Storing Selections Editing Single Channels Channels: Greyscale Blending Channel Packing  
    Live Filter Layers (Also in Basics) Apply Image Apply Image: Equations Equations Filter Dust & Scratches Filter Halftone Scanlines Effect Mirror filter Diffuse Glow Filter Defeating Filter Limits  
    Panoramas Tricky Panoramas Panorama Distortion Correction  
    HDR (High Dynamic Range)
    HDR: Merging & Tone Mapping HDR from one exposure - YouTube / Vimeo HDR: Tone Map Presets HDR: Panoramas HDR: Preprocessing HDR: Advanced Editing HDR: Ghosts Removal HDR: 32-bit Editing  
    Focus Merging (Focus Stacking)
    Focus Merging Focus Merge Retouching Focus Merging Bracketed Exposures  
    Live Stacking
    Maximum Stacking Big Stopper Effect Light Painting Blending Stacking: Long Exposure Simulation Stacking: Noise Reduction Stacking: Object Removal Stacking: Exposure Merging Stacking: Star Trail Effect  
    Live Projections (360 editing, perspective projection)
    360 Live Editing - YouTube / Vimeo 360 Advanced Editing 360 Retouching 360 Multiple Views 360 Roll Correction - YouTube / Vimeo Live Perspective Projection  
    OpenEXR Multichannel Import/Export OpenEXR Import Options Editing 32-bit 3D Renders OpenEXR: Using Alpha Channels & Association  
    3D Render/Texture Work
    Seamless Textures Clone Sources: Texture Creation Enhancing 3D Renders #01 Enhancing 3D Renders #02 Tone Mapping 3D Renders 3D Relighting with Normal Map Passes - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Colour Management
    OpenColorIO Setup OpenColorIO Adjustment Soft Proofing Printing on Mac Printing on Windows Wide Colour Profiles vs sRGB - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Macros Macros: Equations Macros: Layer Behaviour Batch Processing with Macros  
    Finishing Off
    Sharpening Selective Sharpening Exporting Export Compression Efficiency  
    Installing Nik Plugins (macOS) Installing Nik Plugins (Windows) Installing & Using Nik Dfine  
    Nature Portrait Supermoon Product Shot Retouching #01 Nighttime Architecture Workflow - YouTube / Vimeo Portrait Retouching Workflow - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Bonus Content
    Uplift Epic Skies (1.6 Bonus Content) - YouTube / Vimeo  
    Windows Workflow videos
    In addition to the regular tutorials, we've also got some workflow videos shot on the Windows version of Photo that cover using a variety of features to edit an image to completion. These tend to be released on a more informal basis.
    Hadrian's Wall Tiled Building Portrait Retouching Monochromatic Architecture Canary Wharf Banded Demoiselle  
    Please let us know about areas you think need covering, have problems with, don’t understand, or just tell us if we’re on the right or wrong track. Simply reply to this pinned topic.

    Have fun with Affinity Photo!

    Best wishes from the Affinity Documentation Team!
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    Bardo70 reacted to Mark Ingram in Affinity Photo Public Beta - (Windows)   
    Click here to download the latest beta

    Status: Public Beta
    Purpose: Stability
    Requirements: None

    As this is a beta release, it is considered to be not suitable for production use. This means that you should not attempt to use it for commercial purposes or for any other activity that you may be adversely affected by the application failing. In addition it is worth noting that files created in Affinity Photo 1.5 cannot be opened in Affinity Photo 1.4, which means that they cannot be opened in the latest Mac App Store version of Affinity Photo, and instead you will need the latest macOS 1.5 beta.

    We hope you enjoy the latest build, and as always, if you've got any problems, please don't hesitate to post here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks once again for your continued feedback.

    If you have a general question about the software, please head over to the Questions Forum, or if you have any suggestions, please head over to the Feature Requests forum.

    Added Photoshop plugin FilterRecord::PlatformData implementation (fixes plugin window parenting issues) Fixed batch export progress Fixed batch export dirtying the document Improved noise reduction (partial) Added missing paste special menu item Fixed being unable to paste Enhanced Metafiles Fixed for Paste from external clipboards being permanently disabled Fixed crash when pasting an object as an SVG Fixed memory leaks when the progress dialog is displayed (can result in massive leaks when developing RAW files) Fixed exporting images to Dropbox / Google Drive / other file synchronisation services (would previously fail to write metadata) Removed gap at bottom of layers control Removed gap at bottom of some combo boxes Fixed crash when using Logitech 510 wireless and using Logitech Options software, when scrolling horizontally (software was delivering invalid mouse coordinates) Added special paper sizes (from the printer) in the Print dialog if not already present Fixed Custom Paper Size not being remembered between Print dialog sessions Fixed borderless printing Fixed wrong samplers being used when resizing documents Fixed list of available keyboard shortcuts not updating when changing Persona Fixed crash switching tools whilst stitching a Panorama Fixed potential crash when opening multiple documents Fixed potential crash when showing rulers Fixed Export Selection with background failing Fixed Plugins not being disabled when non-pixel layer is selected Fixed Ctrl+Shift+Click on layer thumbnail not selecting luminance Fixed being unable to check 'Fill knocks out shadow' in Outer Shadow Layer Effect Added intensity to colour sampler Fixed UI jumping around on some popups when Windows is set to left handedness Added a minimum size to the Help window Added toast notification when converting from filename based colourspace to scene linear Fixed OCIO path in preferences not updating when selecting a new path Fixed 32-bit Preview to select an OCIO Display Transform by default with a valid OCIO configuration Fixed Lighting filter Outer Cone control Fixed resetting User Defaults causes app to be minimized to its smallest size on next start Fixed the 'Remove' button not working in the 'New HDR Merge' dialog Fixed Photoshop plugins not working with 32-bit images Fixed HDR merge crash with small documents Fixed Photoshop plugin 16-bit clamping errors Added Photoshop plugin PIColorSpaceSuite implementation (fixes Google Nik Viveza crashes) Fixed a typo in Liquify Turbulence hintline Added 'aux:Lens' to EXIF data when writing metadata (the same as 'exifEX:LensModel') Fixed Develop gamma-corrected adjustments Fixed clicking on flyout button a second time not closing the flyout Improved performance of Layers / Export controls when adding items Fixed Layer names not updating correctly Fixed right clicking on a layer only displaying the context menu for a split second when the Character panel is visible Broken (issues introduced in this version)
    The font family drop down list is significantly slower than before
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    Bardo70 reacted to Chris_K in HDR supported files   
    Hi Bardo70
    We currently don;t use .psd or .afphoto files for the HDR merge. I shall move this into our feature requests section. In the meantime i would recommend exporting the images to a format such as tiff
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    Bardo70 reacted to jeffkovitz in Downloadable Affinity Photo Help File 1.5 for iBooks Dec 7 2016 (epub format)   
    Here is a link to the Affinity Photo Help File in Epub Format for Version 1.5 (Updated December 7, 2016) works great in Ibooks.
    Very convenient to have in a portable format - or to use side by side with Affinity on your computer.
     Link: https://app.box.com/s/bjv07ey7ryvqbg16zh4yjazcd65uw85c

    Alternate Link:  https://1drv.ms/u/s!AjuKWjfPlktwgfoEGfpoz65qzzsz_A

    Just download it to your ipad and pick "open in Ibooks"  or download it to your computer and email it to yourself and then pick "open in iBooks" from your iPad. 
    The "un-named" entry at the top is the table of contents as in the help file and it scrolls on my iPad.  However it does block the screen content.  If you choose to scroll the "table of contents" from Ibooks it is not hierarchically organized - but the screen is full.  Best way to find something after that is to do a search.  Its very comprehensive.   (My continuing love/hate relationship with technology.)
    Its a spectacular resource on an iPad Pro.   If you have an android tablet, go to Google Play and search for "epub reader".