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  1. Thank you David, sorry that I was not clear. The image is a regular jpg that shows a skull (x-ray). Now I want to make the white bones semi-transparent and use this image on a website backgound.
  2. I would like to make a X-Ray skull image transparent / semi transparent. The skull should be semi transparent and let a background on websites shimmer through the skull. The image sould be saved as transparent PNG and GIF. How is this to be done in Affinity PHOTO? Does anyone have an advice?
  3. In a professional resizing dialog you can see and edit all relevant data at once without clicking other boxes. Maybe some of you have worked with Photoshop or Gimp or or or or... before.... They all have a standard resizing dialog that meets professional demands. The existing resizing dialog box in affinity photo is an emergency solution only and not a tool for photo editors and their daily job. Sorry guys.
  4. Thank you for replying. I need a resizing dialog for professionals - because resizing is the most needed essential feature in the graphics business. I am a Affinity buyer since the first release day and I don't get tired to post the wish for a resizing dialog box that fulfills the standard in the graphics business.
  5. The easiest solution is to use other freeware. Resizing with Photo is unfortunately a mess.
  6. Yes for resizing we have to use another software. With Affinity it is unfortunately not possible to resize images at a standard level since the start of the photo project.
  7. Please fix the resize dialog. Please generate a standard resizing dialog.
  8. a standard Resizing Dialog -> The oldest request ever... but always ignored by the developers....
  9. Unfortunately so it is. Resizing is a misery. I hope the developers focus on the essentials in the next version. To resize images in a professional way we have to use other applications. Here comes a suggestion. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/55086-feature-request-resizing-dialog-a-photo/&tab=comments#comment-279683 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/64464-change-dpi-without-resizing-the-image-not-possible/&tab=comments#comment-334757
  10. Thank you Walt, unfortunately this bug exists ever since I bought AP. This problem was communicated many times. So for me AP is just an ambitious toy - playing around with from time to time only for the simple reason that some basic key features are sorely missed. DPI converting is not even implemented in the patch function. This function is essential for patch converting also. Don't get me wrong. Affinity is an ambitious project and I hope the essentials of image editing (a fully working Standard Image Resizing dialog, correct embed metadata) will also be implemented soon. In the meantime I have to use Irfan View to resize my images. Hmmm....
  11. I want to change an image with 300 DPI to 72 DPI. This is not possible. If I open the converted image again it show 300 DPI. I think this is essential but for this simple operation I have to use Irfan View.
  12. Ohhh good to know. I thought it was exactly the other way round. Interessting!
  13. Hmmm yes the metadata options are really infamous. But why are they still enabled by default if these problems cannot be resolved?
  14. My question is about the presets in AP. In Affinity Photo exists an Adjustment Layer LUT. You can adjust some presets from there and set new presets. But where are these presets stored under Windows. This has nothing to do with the self exported or imported LUTs.
  15. Maybe this basic function can also be realized in the version 1.7. A simple and complete standard resizing dialog for A-Photo. Without such a standard dialog A-Photo unfortunately can never reach professional level.
  16. I would like to use my LUT presets of Affinity Photo of my 1st Computer also on my 2nd Computer. Where are the LUT presets stored on my Windows System? Is there a file or are the presets stored in a folder?
  17. I would like to use my LUT presets of my 1st Computer also on my second PC. Where are the LUT presets stored? Is there a file or are the presets sored in a folder?
  18. Hi Harrym, here are three (unsolved or open) old forum threads about the resizing dialog. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33007-resize-document-usability-ap/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32409-new-resizing-dialog-scale-to-new-size-a-photo/ https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/28362-ap-resize-document-function-is-too-basic-and-not-very-useful/ As a graphic designer (labeled as "Professional User") having a job to edit a hundred images it is essential to have a responsive dialog that immediately shows the converted values during typing in - cm -> DPI -> pixels -> Inches...... . In my opinion this is more important than any filters or other gadgets to have. At the moment you have to toggle several times between checkboxes or value-fields -> or you have to confirm the dialog and must reopen it to see the new values. Thank you Mark. Thank you MEB.
  19. I assume pro users are a minority and so the bad resizing dialog and function is something we have to live with - it is frustrating that the developers can't see the essential problems with the resizing dialog and it's function
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