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  1. Thanks - Yes 'embed metadata' is selected. 'Embed ICC profile' is selected too with 'use document profile' also selected, which I thought may mean use the metadata from the original updated to reflect the new / changed data?
  2. Thanks RCR - no misunderstanding - understand degradation but don't want to increase that by changing the setting you identified.
  3. Thanks both for getting back to me. I am familiar with Photoshop and that automatically alters the preview image to 100% so I had not realised Affinity does not do this and I thought I was looking at the resized image as it would appear. Is there any way of making this automatically happen when resizing? If not, do I have to go to the 'View' menu or is there a quick button anywhere on the interface? I don't want to change the setting from Bilinear or better as I do not want to add to any degradation. Another quick questions please - is there any reason why the altered, resized image does not show the metadata? Again, is there something that needs to be 'switched on' for this to be retained? I have attached a screenshot showing what I mean - the data list to the left is the original, the middle one is from my resized version in Affinity and on the right the photo data / info from a resized version done in Photoshop Elements. Thanks in anticipation. John
  4. I am using Affinity Photo trial before deciding whether to buy it instead of of subscribing to Photoshop CC (which infuriates me) or buying Photoshop Elements. The first thing I have tried is to resize a photo. I did exactly s I have done in Photoshop for years but the image became unusable. Despite thinking I was fairly capable, I can not figure out what is going wrong. Can anyone help? I have attached images showing the original image, the menu options I used (with Photoshop and therefore with Affinity too) and the resultant image. Photoshop would resize but would retain a good quality image - Affinity ruins the image. Perhaps Affinity is not going to be good enough for me / won't do what I want. Help! (There was a problem uploading image 1 but I can not tell why - hope you can still see the problem with Affinity from the other 3 images.)
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