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  1. You sir, are the man. It does say Background (image). Rasterize the layer and magic wand starts working! OK. I admit.... Should have consulted manual before embarrass myself here. Thanks for your answer!
  2. This is Affinity Photo, Windows version I'm new to Affinity Photo. Been using it for the past 3-4 days. Note that I'm just a novice user, and I haven't even scratch the surface of what the app has to offer yet. Anyway, found some issues and figured I should post here just to see if anyone has similar issue. - If you crop the image, work on it and then print. The output from printer will sometimes be in the wrong orientation even though the preview looked right. The app appear to ignore adjustment layers when rendering image to the printer too. - If you create a new document from clipboard. Flood select tool (Magic wand) will never work. Select color range won't work either. However, if you export the image to, say TIFF format, then open it, then somehow magic wand will work. If you are reading this I encourage you to try it and see for yourself. Just hit print screen button to capture your display screen. Fire up Affinity Photo and create new doc from clipboard. See if you can select anything using magic wand.
  3. I take it since you were mentioning CMYK, you were looking at printing photos. I will be upfront that I don't really know anything about CMYK printing, except that I used to be playing with printer profiling. If you are working with photo, my take is you want to keep it in RGB. You typically want the ICC profile to take care most of the conversion. I don't think your option 1 change will display color that matches with what you will see in a real print. Again, if your intention is matching color then you need a printer profile. My understanding is changing color space to CMYK in option 1 will not do anything other than narrowing your working color space.
  4. Well. At least I tried. Maybe I will try this app again on 2030. Maybe not.
  5. You are right I should have included more info. My apology. It's Windows. It's a very simple 1 layer, with 2 adjustment layers - a shadow/highlight one, and a level adjustment one.
  6. So I brought a calculator and just entered DPI value manually to get the print size I want. This is very annoying, but at least it worked. The app should allow user to manually enter image size, and then calculate DPI automatically; not the other way around. Anyway, I ran into another problem. For some reason the app printed portrait-orientation image in landscape. It can't be my mistake because the preview in the print dialog shown correct orientation. I'm a bit frustrated (and sad). Getting a refund gets into my mind...
  7. New to Affinity so please bear with me. Run into big trouble trying to resize the image. I just can't find for the life of me how to resize image (in inches) WITHOUT resampling the image. When I uncheck the option to resample, the inputs that allows me to enter the image size (in inches) are grayed out. Side note: The reason I'm doing this is to specify the print size. I'd be very interested to know if there's any other way to specify print size. PS. This can be done super easily in PS, but I really want to make Affinity works here. I kind of like it.
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