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    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Waiting on an update of this issue before I buy.
  2. Sandi-ArtsyCrafteryStudio

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Thanks so much! Been watching some. Bookmarked thread and gonna get that workbook too, eventually!
  3. Sandi-ArtsyCrafteryStudio

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Ok, so this workbook starts at a good place for beginners/intermediate users and is not only for advanced users? I hope so. I love Affinity Photo and hope to use it forever! It is all that I will need. Thanks for your info.
  4. Sandi-ArtsyCrafteryStudio

    Free Content included with 1.6 ('Till 16th November)

    Got it, but strange that I had to copy the Affinity Shop cart page address link from FFox over to Chrome to see the page at all, and complete my free content order. For some reason FFox kept showing me a blank, white page no matter how many times I reloaded the page. I had updated from Photo 1.5 and had no problem seeing the free content link in my splash screen though. I use Win 10. Always something with FFox!
  5. Sandi-ArtsyCrafteryStudio

    Logo alphabet

    Very nice! I really enjoyed your projects. I liked many of them, but Reveal Lemonade had the most effect on me. My mouth watered, and I felt that I could see and feel a lemon being squeezed and wrung of it's juice. Not only did my mouth water, but I felt my tongue twisting :lol:! You're very good at designing effective logos. Good luck to you!
  6. Been using Affinity Photo for some months now, but today have started with the beginner videos. They are great! So easy to hear, understand and follow. They will make an outstanding difference in my graphics work, mostly because I am self-taught. So glad I bought AP. I just L*O*V*E the program. If a subscription was required, I would not have been able to purchase it. Thanks again for all of your help! I promote AP at my social sites. :)
  7. Sandi-ArtsyCrafteryStudio

    Lighting Filter Window Header Opens Out Of View, Can't Move Window

    Too bad that is the only window that doesn't fit at the 125% scale. I guess it has a lot more controls than the others. I opened a lot of them and they displayed low enough on the screen to see the header, but then the windows are shorter.
  8. Sandi-ArtsyCrafteryStudio

    Lighting Filter Window Header Opens Out Of View, Can't Move Window

    1024 x 768 recommended, scaled to 125%. Changed scale back to 100%, and now it's ok. I hate it though. Everything just too tiny. May go back and do the flip thing whenever I use filter. Thanks for your help.
  9. Sandi-ArtsyCrafteryStudio

    Lighting Filter Window Header Opens Out Of View, Can't Move Window

    Yes, I do. Thought of that, but didn't change it. I see that Paulo already tried that, without success. I bought the application, and I see that it wasn't corrected. Not a deal-breaker, just annoying.
  10. Thanks! This was very helpful.
  11. Hello: When I open the filter window for Lighting, it opens with it's header out of view in the top of my screen, and centered on top of my image. Since I can't mouse over the header of this window, I can't move it. Can't find any way to resize it, either manually or with Affinity/Windows keyboard shortcuts. In searching, did not find anything in these discussions. After playing around, I found that pressing Ctrl + Alt + up/down/left/right arrow, if rotates my entire screen, and the window header becomes visible. I can then see and click/hold the header and move the window. Then I rotate the screen back, and all is fine. Was hoping that when I closed the Lighting filter window, it would re-open to the closing position, but it did not. Have had to do the whole moving process each time. Is there a faster way? My screen resolution is 1024x768, I use a CRT monitor and Win10. Thanks! :)
  12. Sandi-ArtsyCrafteryStudio

    Introduce Yourself

    I have PagePlus X7, CraftArtist 2 Pro, and I think I got BenVista PhotoArtist 2, and PhotoZoom Classic 6 through Serif. For my image-editing work, I have been an Arcsoft PhotoStudio6 user for years. I do have an old ME/XP Serif DrawPlus program that I never studied to use very well. Now, I am excited about AffinityPhoto, and am already sold on it after 2 days of use. I am a crafter, writer and artist, with a background in clerical work. I am currently taking online classes in Business Mgmt & Admin. I create decorative, functional and wearable handmades, published products, and provide creative services. I focus on the handmades market, but am happy to help anyone. I have a creative lifestyle website, The Creative Seller, where I share about arting, writing, crafting, home & garden, marketing and business. My online shop names are Paper Nirvana, Paper Euphoria, and EmbellishMart. Can you tell that I love papercrafting? :wub: I also have some graphic designs on POD products at Zazzle and Society6. I am thrilled to be a part of the AffinityPhoto beta testing. My hope is to begin taking the tuts so that I can become proficient in using the software, or at least greatly improve the skills I've acquired over the years. I know that I am running with the big dogs in participating in these forums. Since I am self-taught in everything, please forgive any tedious or tiresome questions. :rolleyes: I do like my Serif products very much, and look forward to making time to study them more. I also appreciate how Serif has made already affordable products more affordable for me, through occasional specials and discounts. Happy Creating! Sandi Artsy Craftery Studio
  13. Sandi-ArtsyCrafteryStudio

    Windows Beta introduction video

    Thank you so much! Got it yesterday, and have been using it today! It's exciting! I'm self-taught, though, so have a lot to learn, but have come a long way over the years. I like that it supports transparent background, and that I can create huge images, larger than 6000x6000, easily. How long will I be able to use the beta?