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  1. IMHO it's mainly not a question to which category it belongs than rather where in the workflow. Since this is not a resample it's just assigning metadata - I rather would have it assigned (like in ACR, fixed but changeable) before I press "develop" than have to assign it again and again for every single physical output. Or there is a automation in Photo persona which assigns (an adjustable) DPI value to an image as soon it gets an image transited from Develop persona.
  2. Yepp, but the OP asked for something which shows thumbnails in Explorer. So I tought his primary target are file operations (copy, move, rename, zip, ftp, send by email, etc.) not file browsing in particular.
  3. If you don't want to use a different File Browser, try FastpictureViewer Codec Pack
  4. Ablichter

    Alternative to Adobe Bridge

    I understood Bridge never as a real DAM, so I use IMatch since ~2004. Aside the many others features, I especially like the versioning: What the screendump shows is (aside others) an Indesign file which is master (orange marks) of a PDF, another PDF which is master of a word document, a Canon RAW from which a JPEG was derived (blue marks), another Canon RAW from which a JPEG, TIF and PSD were derived, and at the bottom the master and child(s) are shown (Indesign and pdf) ;) But for using IMatch as a simple file browser its to complex.
  5. Hi curumins, this is not a valid TIF-Format. This file is in 32bit and also other missformations exist, see attachment.