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  1. Same here (on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Ryzen 9 3900X, 64 GB of RAM, fast SSD). Imported a pack of 80 "*.cube" LUT files when I saw you can do that, and now when I select "LUT" on the adjustments panel, AP becomes unresponsive for a few minutes (!). It doesn't help that the application has no general concept of properly indicating it's busy doing something and showing progress, the greatest niggle I have with the entire tool suite... To me, it seems like all those files are loaded from somewhere as soon as one clicks that option, instead of them being loaded individually only when selecting a specific LUT.
  2. Tried it myself, Viveza appears to work fine irrespective of color profile or bit depth.
  3. Has there been any progress on this with the new v3.0 release of the Nik plugins?
  4. Whenever I record a macro (in my case with a simple document size change) and then click attempt to save it to the library, AP freezes after the dialog prompting for the name, regardless of whether I close that dialog by OK or cancel. This is with AP v1.8.2.620 on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit. In this state, I need to force-close AP.
  5. Has anything changed? Last time I checked, color space and bit depth issues were still rampant with the “old” Nik suite, especially with Viveza and Color Efex, the two tools I mainly use, rendering AP's alleged support useless for me.
  6. Add to that color space issues, you need to convert to 8-bit sRGB.
  7. Is it intentional that Affinity Photo foregoes adding an EXIF Software (Exif.Image.Software) tag when exporting images, as about any other image processing software does? As things are, it retains the tag's value (if present), indicating, say, Photoshop as creating software if the image has previously been processed therein. It's nothing major, but I'd like to see AP put itself in the tag, so as to enable me, for example, to easily recognize AP-exported photos in my DAM software. Thoughts?
  8. Yup, this should be an option, along with the type of compression (none/LZW/ZIP). Affinity Photo appears to save TIFFs uncompressed, rendering them needlessly large.
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